Living in the Past – Stop talking about the Ex

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I had a friend (he has since passed away) who gave me very good advice about dating. Pretty much the same as the author of this article.
    Your next is not interested in long conversations about your ex. If the person asks about previous dating/relationship history that is okay. Just give a general idea about what your past was like. They may want to know if you were married, what happened in your last relationship – just general information to determine whether/why you are free and if you would make good relationship material.
    Also, be very careful about mentioning the ex’s name. It may come up at some point particularly if you travel in the same business or social circle, live in a small town, or there are kids involved. Other than that, he/she really does not to know names.
    I would say in general start the relationship as friends. That’s what I do. Be discreet about your past.
    Really, I don’t want to know how beautiful, smart, sexy, young, rich, etc. your ex was.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Also, I was recently given an unsolicited “update” about my latest ex.
    I never asked and I don’t appreciate these “updates”. It turned out to be misinformation anyway and all it did was make me feel bad.
    Do your friends a favor. If they are trying to leave the past behind, please do not give them all the latest about the ex’s great new job, new mate, new child, great accomplishments, etc.
    I really don’t need an up to the minute report on how great he is doing since we split up. Your gossip could open old wounds. Don’t do it.

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