How to Throw a Lingerie Party


Do you want to throw an unforgettable party that all your guests will speak about for years afterward, maybe even in hushed tones? That’s not gonna happen if you put together a generic get-together or even one with a theme like “Hawaii;” your luau will be fun, but those decorative clichés and games, like limbo, can get old real fast. No, you’re going to have to come up with something more daring and original than that. But what?

Have you ever thought of throwing a lingerie party?

A lingerie party might be right up your alley. There are two different kinds of lingerie parties – one is typically held by a group of girlfriends and might even double as a bachelorette party, while the other kind of lingerie party is open to both guys and gals and thus, can get quite steamy.

So, if you’re ready to put together a lingerie party, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Dress to impress
Obviously, attire is going to be a central element of the evening. If you’re simply inviting over some of your best female friends, you might exchange lingerie or other adult-oriented gifts and there may not be any required attire beyond what you wrap in those gifts. However, if you’re throwing a lingerie party that you want to be as sexy as possible – you’re going to have to stand by that door and only admit those who play by the rules. A lingerie party of this degree is almost like a costume party. Be creative with what lingerie you throw on! Sometimes less really isn’t more – it’s better to wear something classy and sensuous, rather than too overtly revealing. But what’s great about a lingerie party, is that all bets are off. What happens at the lingerie party, stays at the lingerie party. A little scandal, in this case, is a good ingredient for your get-together. You want this to be the talk of the town!

Gifts are a must!
No matter what kind of lingerie party you’re trying to put together, gifts are in order. Adult toys and jammies are the typical gifts that are exchanged at such parties, but there really are many options. Have fun! All the gifts may be for your special bachelorette or perhaps you can make some party bags for your guests, packed full of R and X-rated goodies. You probably shouldn’t plan to throw a lingerie party unless you’ve saved up more than a few pennies beforehand. It might be in your best interest to have a friend or two help you out with the party planning and decorating – if you’re not a lone host, it won’t be nearly as hard to put together.

Music is key
The best way to set the mood of your party is to play the right music. And not just any music will do. Sensual, playful music that has a nice variety of style is ideal. Help your guests loosen up with some music they can dance to, but not music that drowns out the conversation. Couples lingerie parties are popular too, and in that case, the music should be as erotic as possible. Nowadays, it’s really easy to make a CD yourself, but you can find an inexpensive compilation CD that suits your tastes, too, if you want. It’s okay to consider providing your guests with video entertainment as well.

Drinks are on you!
Blended cocktails are really the best way to go for a party like this. A lingerie party invitation simply shouldn’t read “BYOB.” Instead, hire a bartender or stock your house with plenty of wine and spirits and start mixing it up! Your guests will surely appreciate your hard work.

Keep it light
If you want to feed your guests, in addition to providing them with alcoholic beverages, consider simple, light appetizers – cheese is pretty standard, but you may want to invest in some fancier dishes.

Charge admission
If you want to throw the best lingerie party ever, but you’re a little worried about your finances, consider charging admission. If you’re inviting a significant number of guests, you don’t have to charge much. Many party hosts are uncomfortable with doing this, but if you want to save a few pennies without holding back on your party decor, party gifts, and the like, then it’s something you ought to look into.

So hopefully you’re now brave enough to host a lingerie party. Whether it’s just a girl’s night in or you want to turn the heat up, you and your guests will surely have a blast!

Just be careful about who you invite. If you’re looking to throw a party for your co-workers and your boss, a lingerie party is probably not the exact format you should choose.

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