Moving with Teenage Daughters

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  1. Claire says:

    We are moving home after being expats for 6 years. My daughter is 13 and is very angry at us for making this decision despite her making it clear she wanted to stay overseas. I understand her anger and am trying to help her deal with it to no avail.
    We are offering her the opportunity to choose her school, with some guidance. Not interested. We have said we will finally get the long awaited (by her) puppy. Not interested. She just says “I hate xxxxx and don’t want to move back there”.
    How can we try and move things forward more positively? We have talked about choosing our attitudes and she says she is going to stay angry and that is her choice. Sigh……….

  2. Claire says:

    PS. I should have said there is no boyfriend. And her social life outside of school is very quiet. So the friendships she has are primarily based at school and somewhat online…mainly through Instagram.

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