My Cat has Blood in its Stool – What Should I Do?

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  1. Healthycat says:

    Beware of Vets, ( There are MANY!) That offer cat & dog food that can make your friend sick, & tear up their insides….Kind of like a car mechanic that puts in cheap parts, only to have you return & offer up More $$$$. Remember this is a Business, not a labor of love. You may realize this after they turn you away for lack of funds, or sell you a drug, that will INSURE” your constant return. Look first at what your feeding your friend. We had Vets offer Purina crap chow….Science diet….These so called foods are reportedly given to Vets & hospitals by the pallet full For Free” as the manufacturer believes ( rightly so) that after you buy from your tRuStEd vet, you will continue to Buy for years to come. If you truly care about your friend, take the time to Investigate the food your giving your cat or dog. Cats love rats,birds,mice,rodents, & can live long healthy lives. Feed them a unhealthy bagged food, that’s actually slow poison, & you can guarantee, your vet will be happy to take your $$$$, til death do you part.

    1. You don’t think that out of all the thousands of vets in the world, just one would have ever let on that there is a vast conspiracy between each and every vet in the world and pet food manufactures.

      I know vets personally, and they wouldn’ t hurt a fly, let alone knowingly feed a cat bad food for money.

      You are paranoid.

    2. Bec says:

      What drugs are you on, you obviously know nothing about animal nutrition , so you have no right to comment on commercial foods that ARE complete balanced diets – unlike rats and mice that you let your cat eat(probably full of parasites and diseases) .

  2. Sharon Long says:

    My cat is a little over one year old. She is part Serval and part domesticated short hair. I got her from the locatl SPCA when she was a kitten about 4 months old. She has had her shots and is spayed. She has been on the same diet for all this time with no problem. There was recently a murder in my complex, on the level below us. I also recently went back to work on the night shift and my cat was left alone all night. She has always been an inside cat and I have been at home with her day and night. Now, in the past two weeks she has started to have frank blood in her stools. The stools are normal – as in not hard or constipated appearing, and about the same consistency as always before. The difference also besides the bright red blood is that she will not use her litter box for her bowel movements. She will still use it to urinate but not for bowel movements. Does anyone have any ideas as to what is causing this? She acts normal, as in, she plays, runs around, sleeps a normal pattern and eats and drinks a normal amount. There are no changes in her behavior, appetite or surroundings. I also have stopped working and am at home with her full time again. She is the only pet in my house and there are no other “visitors.”

    1. Walt says:

      Hi Sharon,

      Did you receive a reply to your cat’s symptoms and litter box behavior? I ask because my 10yr old male tabby has seemingly the same. My cat seems by most means himself but has taken to pooping outside his box and I have noticed two times when hints of bright red mucus have been on parts of his poop. My cat also has a rather larger belly. His belly is kinda more firm to the touch while a bit larger. He shows no reaction to pain if touching or pressing his belly. It seems like a taunt putter belly skin. He has grown litter box avoider about 50/50 and returns to using it.

      I do not and have not noticed him eating the equivalent for weight gain and I have cut his food intake some to see if his belly size deceased. The size has diminished only slightly. He has a possibility of obtaining food from the wild when he ventures out to the yard but I am skeptical he’s been catching enough or any prey to overeat.

      By all else…He’s appears happy and pain-free.

      Hope your cat is feeling better,


      1. Rose says:

        Hi Walt, did you ever find out what was going on with your kitty? My 13 year old has a similar issue and the vet can’t see him until next week. I am worried sick.

  3. Sharon Long says:

    Thank you for your reply, Walt. I took my cat to her vet and had several tests done, all which are negative. The vet suggested I take her off her dry food and just feed her the canned “wet” food for awhile to see if that helps. It did help a lot. When I put her back on the dry food, her problem returned. Since then, I am feeding her exclusively the wet food and she has had no more problems.

  4. Mae Dougherty says:

    I’ve seen several articles recommending wet instead of dry. But, my thoughts are either way the owner needs to be sure the food is well balanced and without synthetic chemicals, colors and flavoring and most importantlyit is correct for the cat’s age so that the nutrients can be digested. As far as what a “rescue agency” provides to the adoptive humans or sends the remainder of a pkg home, it may be what is fed to every feline for convenience or what was donated & altho the cat seems to be doing “fine” on it, the contents take time for damage to occur to the gastric system. Not that the agency means any harm as they figure the animal is going to have a short stay & the new owners will take over the feeding.

  5. Sarah says:

    Hi my name is Sarah, and I recently realized that my cat has been using the box a lot and today she decided to rub her bottom on the carpet today and then started having , diarrhea along with light red blood in it.
    Now we have two dogs and three cats and I keep thinking that it could be the food she is eating around the house.. can’t really stop from playing with everyone and seeking out the bowls unless I keep her in a room by herself until it passes. I caught her eating our husky’s food a few times but she stopped doing that after I caught her, our oldest cat eats a different brand of food then her and our kitten is on kitten chow, I had to change my cats food to a cheaper brand. today is the only day that I see her having diarrhea along with blood, last time this happen she had worms and I treated her for that. and I don’t know what it could be this time and I don’t wanna be overcharged to get her checked if it isn’t anything terrible. (she eats perfectly fine, drinks plenty of water, and act normal, running around and what not.)

  6. Katie says:

    I noticed my cat of 22 years has been doing the same thing..pooing outside the box but pees in..i think it has to do with not getting in a box thats been used ones unless they HAVE to to keep there feet from getting peepeed on..i quit using the box altogetger and got these AMAZING weewee pads in the dog section…sooooooooo much easier than cat litter and very clean. No more lugging home that heavy bag ever! They are quite expensive but worth every single penny!hope this helps 🙂

  7. joanne Lynch says:

    healthycat ….. you are clearly some sort of delusional nutcase

    as a vet nurse i assure you we DONT get pallets of free food from anybody
    and dont ever sell a food that would make an animal sick
    you are crazy

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