My Husband is an Idiot – Why did I Marry Him?

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  1. Irinka says:

    I have to believe that this article is true based on my experience with my husband. I am positive just about every wife out there will agree with me. I have been married 5 yrs now and for the most part my husband is really great. Sometimes though he has his idiotic moments. Today is a perfect example of what I mean. My husband occassionally does grocery shopping for me and I try to make the list as simple as possible so there wont be any confusion. Well for me the list is pretty self explanatory but of course for my husband you really have to break it down to very easy terms. He clearly knows that I dont buy laundry detergent that has perfumes or dyes (we use same detergent for our clothes and baby clothes). On the list I wrote down “tide” meaning we need laundry detergent and not the brand Tide. And what do you think he buys? The brand tide which he knows I dont use! What was he thinking?! I think thats the problem with men: they dont think; they are on auto-pilot. If they just used their God-given brain it would make women happier! It wont hurt them to use just an ounce of brain matter! Seriously. From my experience I didnt see any difference with my husbands’ mind working better after sex. Seems to be the same to me. All the time! One thing that makes it better is talking it over after such frustrating situations. He seems to remember it better and usually it doesnt happen twice. So there’s hope! But I still love my husband dearly because he knows how to ask forgiveness even after idiotic moments! Nobody is perfect and I have my faults too!

    1. Asa Akira says:

      That’s confusing…. You should just wrote detergent. I’m a woman and I even find that confusing. Do you expect him to read your mind? He doesn’t know if I all off a sudden decided to try a new brand of something… Helloooo lady

    2. Jade says:

      You’re a moron.

  2. Jen says:

    For me even I wrote the brand or just detergent for laundry my idoit husband can get it wrong. And blady lazy. He thinks wife are maid to him. If you have the type like mine, you will want a divorce.

  3. Cammy says:

    The more important question is, what kind of women are raising boys to become such morons. How do we stop this cycle? While I am grateful that my father and brother (the first 2 men in my life I spent time with) are incredibly intelligent, confident, self-sufficient, respectful, street-smart, considerate, they have a brain and use it, men….how I married an idiot? I will never know.
    In the 7 years my husband and I have been together I’ve made it clear that I don’t like spicy food. Over the years, if we go to a restaurant that ask what hot level you want your food, my answer is always an adamant: ZERO, zilch, negative, none etc. Often, we’ll order separate dishes because my husband likes spicy food, or a dish with zero spice so that we can share. When we cook at home, some times we set aside a dish so that we he can add his hot spices, or cook in more than 1 pan to include his hot spices. We were out one day running errands, we hadn’t eaten much all day and got home starving, I offered to cook, then my husband offered to cook, I said I’d do it, then my husband ended up cooking. We both agreed on having home made soup. Which takes a while to begin with but it’s what we were both craving. Finally the soup is done, am I ready to eat!! I take my first spoonful and ask my husband, does this have hot spice? It taste hot! His reply “Just a little bit”.

    1. Jade says:

      Maybe he figured it was time for you to grow up?

      1. Aquaria says:

        Maybe it’s time for inconsiderate trash like you to stay away from all human contact.

  4. sad says:

    Pretty sure my husband is THE dumbest of all. After fourteen years of marriage I am starting to despise him.

  5. John says:

    My wife is the most idiotic person I have ever come across. She can’t mow the lawn, fix the plumbing, or buy me the right sized drill. How many times have I asked her to get me a 1/4” drill bit and she comes back with a 3/8 inch drill bit. Dumb, dumb, dumb. What were her parents thinking about raising a girl who can’t even change the oil in my car (or even the tire). We had a deer run through our yard the other day and I asked her to go shoot, skin, and cook it for dinner. She didn’t even know where the gun was. Why did I ever marry such a wretched fool?

  6. Sage thinker says:

    Lol, This article has to be a joke men have a bigger brain than women and men use 6.5% more grey matter to think, Every thing you see around you was invented by men, by any measure women are more stupid than men by far, There is a reason why 95% of Nobel prize winners are men.

    1. Aquaria says:

      Having a larger brain doesn’t means smarter, stupid. Whales have bigger brains than you, but they aren’t smarter, either.

      Using more gray matter is not a sign of intelligence. It is just as likely a sign of inefficency in the neurocircuitry. Do you have EVIDENCE that they use it for good, or are they like you, using it to be stupid?

      Furthermore, women didn’t get to invent things because men were so threatened by us that they didn’t allow us even to be educated for most of human history, and we still face numerous roadblocks to having our ideas accepted, never mind respected.

      Having thousands of years of affirmative action insuring that dolts like you could look smarter than you will ever be is absolutely ZERO evidence that you’re smarter than we are, sexist slime.

      1. Sage thinker says:

        It’s you women that need affirmative action to compete not us men, While men are busy winning Nobel prizes and building great companies like Microsoft, Apple and facebook you women can only blame men or or patriarchy for why most women are too stupid to change a car tire.

  7. Jade says:

    Of course men don’t waste energy on such irrelevant and trivial details as how best to clean a pair of shoes he likely won’t even buy, when asked what size he is, he can research it later, and then he won’t have some sales rep handing him a pack of lies just to make a sale (he also won’t be so naive to believe the bs they hand him). Men are too busy thinking about important matters, such as how to pay the bills, procure nourishment & shelter for their partners (some of which are ungrateful simpleton, as evidenced by the author of this ‘article’ as well as some of the comments here. Energy production (enjoy that laptop you’re using?), Food production or processing, manufacture of transportation, electronic devices and most major Scientific achievements . Even keeping you from getting hosed on that car deal (hey, guess what? He saw through the bullshit & knew more about the car than you did).

    So really, who are the idiots here? Without a doubt: feminists.

  8. Michael Cochrane says:

    how about WE write one stating why our wives and girlfriends are idiots? and then list reasons like:

    Cleaning the house before the cleaning lady comes over
    toilet paper HAS to go over the roll not under
    freak out because the dreaded toilet seat is UP (it goes up and down, it isn’t rocket science)
    there is such a thing as “good” towels and “useable” towels
    12 years in and there’s still vacuum cleaner marks in the main living room because us common folk aren’t allowed to use it….
    and the biggest one?
    You watch soap operas….that’s enough in and of itself….

  9. Lonely says:

    When I was in labor delivering our first baby, he talked about how similar it is to the cows on his farm growing up. I never said a word or complained. Next delivery there were serious complications, baby’s life was in danger, and he left in the middle to go to work. If I ever dare complain then he walks out and says he is going to the office because it is so awful being around me. The rejection I get from him is painful. I don’t have a right to speak. When I said I was burnt out from overload at work, he ignored me. One time I said I was so lonely, he told me not to talk about it, so I left and went to his sisters house. When he got there he beat me.

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