Non-Alcoholic Wines – Try Some of these Top Brands

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  1. Sherry Taylor says:

    Ariel now only provides a non alcohol Chardonnay and a non alcohol Cabernet Sauvignon and nothing else. I guess it was a business decision but one that saddens me. I liked the blanc, the rouge a the sparkling and wish they would bring those back for those of us who desire options for selection of non alcohol wine. I must say I’m disappointed.

  2. Michele says:

    For health reasons I need to quit drinking “real” wine…. I must say sadly I tried both the Ariel wines available and was horribly disappointed! The red was flat and weird… hard to describe it. The white …. omg hard to believe it could be worse than the red but it was. Beyond bland it was almost tasteless …. I would call it colored WATER that didn’t taste as good as tap water.
    If a recipe called for water I MIGHT use it…but why waste counter space, so I just poured it out. DISMAL if someone thought ARIEL NA wines were the best… Really depresses me.

  3. Bobbie says:

    I agree with both comments above. Is there NO good alternative?

  4. Colleen Reilly says:

    In my research thus far in regard to non alcohol wines, Ariel was touted as the best. In reading the comments above, I am not sure which way to go with attempting to purchase a good tasting non alcohol wine. My fiance’ loved wine, collected wine and has quite a pallet for wine but unfortunately his liver was not in agreement. We are currently searching for something that has the great taste of some of the wines he enjoyed but without the alcohol .. anyone out there with a suggestion? I hate to order a bottle and have to dump it down the drain !! They should have wineries which offer taste tests for non alcohol wine !!

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