Excessive Barking

Barking is one of the most common, as well as commonly annoying, vocalization methods of dogs. Wolves in the wild are believed to bark for only two re…

Training Dogs Not to Bark

The best way to train a dog not to bark is starting the day you bring him home from the breeder. Often new owners do not discourage the behavior – a s…


Turning a Dog in to a Shelter

Turning a dog into a shelter should be the last resort of any responsible pet owner. When you decided to purchase or adopt a dog, you made a commitmen…

When do Puppies Open their Eyes

Some may shoot back instantly that it would be instantaneously but in reality the road towards complete vision is gradual, and one that is spread over…

Should I Get a Male or Female Dog

Few new dog owners stop to consider why they should get a male or female dog before bringing home their new pet. Instead of weighing the pros and cons…

Feeding a Puppy Table Scraps

Most dog owners have been there: enjoying a nice dinner, you look down and stare into the desperately pleading eyes of your puppy. His desire is clear…

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The 10 Most Toxic Foods for Pets – Infographic

Evidence shows that newer medications are becoming more attractive to our p…


Cancers in Dogs

It’s hard to believe that despite lifespans that are relatively short compa…


Lungworms in Dogs

Lungworms in dogs are a tricky parasite that can be difficult to diagnose. …


The First Steps to take When your Cat Goes Missing

From the beginning— an organized approach is best… The situation may be bro…


Traveling with a Cat – It can be a Nightmare for Some Kitties

The car is all packed, the kids are buckled in, there are snacks and drinks…


Putting a Cat on a Diet – Helping Your Cat Lose Weight

Fat Fluffy and Portly Penny may seem like they are rather cute, waddling in…