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The Benefits Of Artificial Grass For Pets

Pet owners across the world are investing in artificial grass to keep their animals safe. Artificial grass has become an increasingly popular choice over recent years, not just because it requires little maintenance and is less messy but because…

Pet Care on a Budget

For most pet owners, dogs are a part of the family. They accompany us on trips, often they are dressed for special occasions, we even buy them gifts. But for many of us on a tight budget, pet care costs can be pricey at times. As a matter of…

Tadpoles for Fish Tank

Introduction You might have heard about a diversity  of pets since ages, but Tadpoles were not so common., The scenario has changed, Tadpole is now on the high popularity list  among the pet hobbyists. The quick development in their growth…

Excessive Barking

Barking is one of the most common, as well as commonly annoying, vocalization methods of dogs. Wolves in the wild are believed to bark for only two reasons: as an alarm system to warn other pack members of a danger, and as a threat to ward off…

Jengo - Official Dog of the Professor's House

This is our dog Jengo, an Irish Wolfhound, Old English Sheep dog mix that we got last year.  He is also the official beta tester of the Pet Friendly House Project that will be run through this site. At 6 years of age and a 100 lbs we are…

Doggy Dun It

Doggy Dun It™ manufactures the better dog waste pick up scoop, an innovative one-handed device that picks up dog waste from any surface and places it in a tie-handle biodegradable bag that holds multiple piles before disposal.  Lifetime Replacement…

Wild Bites

High in protein and low in fat, Wild Bites Meat and Chips treats are a true delight that’ll keep your active dog well-nourished and begging for more. What’s not to love about that! Website:

The 10 Most Toxic Foods for Pets - Infographic

Evidence shows that newer medications are becoming more attractive to our pets as some manufacturers are using gel-based capsules and other sweet-flavored ingredients that are pleasing to our animal’s sense of smell. Bernadine Cruz, a veterinarian…

The First Steps to take When your Cat Goes Missing

From the beginning— an organized approach is best… The situation may be brought on by a trip to the vet or a front door left open, but the worst of nightmares begins when a beloved four pawed family member escapes or goes missing. If…

Traveling with a Cat - It can be a Nightmare for Some Kitties

The car is all packed, the kids are buckled in, there are snacks and drinks within easy reach, there is a road map in the glove compartment, and there are enough CDs to get through the trip without having to endure the same three songs repeated…

Putting a Cat on a Diet - Helping Your Cat Lose Weight

Fat Fluffy and Portly Penny may seem like they are rather cute, waddling into the kitchen for their food and cautiously navigating the sea of feet that tend to wander through one of the busiest rooms of the house. But in reality, your cute Pudgy…

What Causes Cat Vomiting?

As any cat owner knows, cats frequently vomit. What causes cat vomiting, however, is not always so easily determined. The normal, healthy cat may routinely vomit once or twice a week as a rule, without any obvious medical reason. In most…

How Can I Tell if my Cat is Sick?

Cats are many things. Some are energetic, playful and loving. Others are lazy, grumpy and aloof. One thing that most cats are not, however, is complainers. What that means is that they don’t necessarily whine over every little ache and pain.…

Cat Health Concerns

If you are thinking about getting a cat, or already have one, it is important to be familiar with some major cat health concerns. By being educated about common feline health problems, you can help to ensure your furry friend will have a long,…

Feeding a Dog Bones - Weigh the Risks Against the Benefits

A dog and a bone seems as natural a combination as peanut butter and jelly. If you don’t believe it, you can show a bone to just about any dog and the longing in his eyes will display exactly how much he wants to spend a little one on one…