• Cat Training

  • Keeping a Cat off the Furniture

    Keeping a cat off the furniture can quickly turn into a full time job, and will most definitely become a life long battle if you make an exception to the rule even if was just that one time.

    • Buying a Scratching Post

      The purchase of a scratching post that your cat likes will save you from having to replace furniture and flooring.  Scratching posts are available in many shapes, styles and textures.

    • Getting a Cat to Use the Litter Box

      Many pet owners will report that all they did was toss their kitten or cat into the litter box a couple of times and they were trained.  While many lucky cat owners will have it just that easy, others will need a few more tricks in order to teach their feline friend the proper place to go.

    • Types of Cat Litter

      With  clumping litter you do not need to change the entire pan of litter every time you clean the box. Instead, you simply scoop out the waste and add a bit more litter to the box. You should, however, completely swap out the litter according to the frequency specified on the package.

    • Environmentally Friendly Cat Litter

      When changing from another type of litter to environmentally friendly cat litter, it is important to transition the right way. You do not want to make the transition very sudden. If you do, there is less of a chance that your cat will respond well to the change.

    • Buying Cat Litter

      Clumping cat litter is one of the most popular and easy to use types of litter. When the cat urinates in the litter, the moisture causes the litter to form a clump that quickly hardens. When it is time to clean the litter box, you simply scoop out the hard waste and the clumps.

    • Buying a Litter Box

      New cat owners have a long list of items that they must buy. Near the top of the list of things you will need to do will be buying a litter box. If you plan to bring a cat into your home, this should happen BEFORE you bring the cat home.

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