Privacy is a Thing of the Past once you Become a Mother

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  1. s roy says:

    Not at all agree with you

    1) when i was young i asked about my father beard and he told that when you will get older then you will have it, and that’s over and i got my answer.
    2) “they are also laughing at you and calling you fat. Suddenly, they notice your stretch marks or think that you have the ugliest boobs on the planet. They might even ask you about why you have a pimple on your butt and say something like, “Oh mama, that’s GROSS!” Well then. If it’s so gross, then why do they keep coming back?” are you kidding!!! ok …. if your son ask you “mom why you have pimple on you face an it is so GROSS” now tell me will you cover up you face forever!!!
    3) i saw an woman, from my point of view she is the most ugly women in my area but still her son says that “my mother is the most beautiful”
    4) people don’t appreciate which is easily available… same way your children are not going to sexually attracted to you … your nudity is like furniture to them
    5) “Why is your pee red mommy,” and ‘why milk coming out from your boobs’ give the honest ans like my father did to me…. educate your children

    put modesty/more boundary outside of your family … put boundary in here like taking drug, having sex other then spouse, swinging party,affair relation. but this days people put more boundary in family and put marriage open. inside home parents stay clothed and outside home they stay naked. co-sleeping is bad but sleeping with other people is good. after all this thing when when children ask/question/ save parents from divorce they have to listen, respect the boundary/this is none of your business/ don’t you want your parents happy


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