• Should You Discuss Finances While Dating

    When you begin dating someone, ultimately their financial status is really none of your business.  Nor is theirs yours.  After a few dates, and a glimpse of one another’s lifestyle, you are likely to get an idea of what kind of financial person they are.  Do they spend too much?  Are they cheap?

    • I am your Wife not your Maid

      Is making a bed or putting dirty clothes in a hamper really that hard? Is it so difficult to throw things away in the trash rather than stuff them under the couch cushions until the 3rd of each month when the maid will lift each up to see what lies beneath?

    • Single Versus Married Life

      Let’s start with the married side of the single versus married life battle.  Marriage definitely has its advantages.  There is no more hunting for the perfect date.

    • Divorcing with Kids

      One way to make divorcing with kids easier for everyone involved – is to refrain from talking about the divorce in front of the kids.  This means that you shouldn’t be talking to another adult about the dirty, nitty gritty details when the kids are in earshot.

    • What to Say in a Sympathy Card

      When someone passes away we often search for the words to say. If someone you love has ever lost someone close to them then you know the feeling of crumpling up papers one by one.

    • Having a Baby

      Many couples struggle with the decision altogether. They may wonder if having a baby will change life as they know it and be a decision that they look at later and regret. A baby will change everything, from how you feel to how you spend your time - but very few end up regretting the child.

    • How Important is Sex in a Marriage

      The most difficult part of being married to a liar is that dreaded moment when you have to take your suspicions one step higher, to an accusation.

  • Guest Article

    Barbara Jaurequi LG
    Barbara Jaurequi, MS, LMFT, MAC

    Barbara Jaurequi is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and a Nationally Certified Master Addiction Counselor. Her private practice, Barbara Jaurequi Counseling, is in southern CA, about 30 miles east of Los Angeles.

    Article: Four Treacherous ‘C’s for Married Couples 

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