• How to Forgive a Cheater

    In relationships, around 57% of all men and 54% of all women admit to cheating.  These statistics don’t take into account all the people that don’t admit to it.  Perhaps even more startling is that around 2/3 of all men polled said they would have an affair if they knew wouldn’t get caught.

    • Can A Marriage Work These Days

      The odds are those atrocious statistics that present a discouraging picture of marriage as an institution.  This explains why we’re witnessing an increasing number of marriage counselors and therapists who appear to be in raking it in.

    • Is Kissing Someone Else Cheating

      Before you laugh and say that’s a funny question, think carefully.  It’s the kind of question that has no right or wrong answer.  The best answer is, “It depends -   define all three terms - kissing – someone - cheating.”

    • Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

      Divorce can wipe you out.  Financially.  Emotionally.  Physically and mentally.  When considering divorce, a lot of logistics preparation is needed, but we also think that mental preparation ranks up there with completing pre-divorce documentation.

    • Believing in Yourself

      Believing in yourself empowers you to do or accomplish whatever it is you want.  Believing in yourself is the first step in making dreams come true.  Believing in yourself in actuality enables you to not just create your own destiny, but to take control of your life.  So why is it that so many people don’t believe in themselves?

    • Post Wedding to do List

      After your wedding is over you begin to realize . . . there was a lot more than three tier cakes and beaded satin dresses to this marriage preparation thing. Now you have things on your to do list like “changing name after marriage”, “thank Aunt Rita for the toaster” and “speak to the photography manager about botched pics”.

  • Guest Article

    Barbara Jaurequi LG
    Barbara Jaurequi, MS, LMFT, MAC

    Barbara Jaurequi is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and a Nationally Certified Master Addiction Counselor. Her private practice, Barbara Jaurequi Counseling, is in southern CA, about 30 miles east of Los Angeles.

    Article: Four Treacherous ‘C’s for Married Couples 

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