• Do You Want a Divorce

    For many couples, the decision to go through with a divorce is made many years; even decades after all the signs reared their ugly head.  All the signs have been there, and the couple begins co-existing as a separate entities.

    • So, How Was Your Day

      Sounds like a simple statement, right?  Bet during the course of your day you ask a million people, (most you could care less about) the carefree question of, “So, how was your day?”

    • Can Teenage Relationships Last?

      Whether or not teenage relationships do last is of course a crucial issue – perhaps more so from the point of view of teenagers – but by being preoccupied with this question we ignore an equally important aspect of how teenage relationships significantly contribute to the socialization process of youth.

    • I Don’t Love Your Father Anymore

      What is it you are supposed to say to your children?  You have decided that the marriage you are in isn’t working, and that you will be a happier person by excusing yourself form the relationship.

    • Dealing with the In-laws

      Dealing with your in-laws is twice as difficult as dealing with your own family. The snide remarks, the gossip, and the bickering are at their most intense when the in-laws come to visit.

    • Eloping

      No matter what the focus of a wedding should be on the bride, groom, and nothing else! If that doesn’t seem like it will ever be a reality than many engaged couples are doing themselves a favor by bringing back the intimacy and personal feel of the event by running off and eloping.

    • Being Used By Friends and Family

      You are a yes person.  And the people in your life know this.  They know they can count on you to say yes to anything they ask even if it is inconvenient for you.  Unfortunately, instead of realizing that they are taking advantage of your willingness to be helpful, and selfless – they continue to place their burdens on you.

  • Guest Article

    Barbara Jaurequi LG
    Barbara Jaurequi, MS, LMFT, MAC

    Barbara Jaurequi is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and a Nationally Certified Master Addiction Counselor. Her private practice, Barbara Jaurequi Counseling, is in southern CA, about 30 miles east of Los Angeles.

    Article: Four Treacherous ‘C’s for Married Couples 

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