• Are You Afraid of Being Alone

    Unfortunately, for people who are afraid of being alone their lives become a constant string of relationships that has them bouncing from one person to the next.

    • There is NO Excuse for Forgetting Important Dates in Your Life

      How difficult is it really to take 15 minutes to exert some effort into celebrating someone else in your life?  The lack of desire (or remembrance) to do is extremely hurtful and is just one of the signs that there is a lack of respect in the relationship.

    • Alcoholism and Marriage

      The first step is to seek a local chapter of AA.  From their experience in working with alcoholics, they have a defined set of questions that will determine if individuals have a drinking problem.  Attending meetings is free and the individual can remain anonymous.

    • Are you Too Overbearing in your Relationship

      Too often having an overbearing spouse means that they’re getting their needs and wants met at the expense of the other partner. This is no good in a relationship where both spouses are supposed to be getting their needs and wants met by the other equally.

    • Attending a Gay Wedding for the First Time

      Many straight people are usually clearly taken aback by their own level of emotion when they attend a gay wedding for the first time or the hundredth time. Unlike straight weddings, gay weddings tend to bring forth a great deal of witness emotion that I clearly expressed and even overpowering.

    • Second Marriage Wedding Dresses

      Ivory seems to be the predominant color chosen by brides who are getting married the second time.  There is no rule in any etiquette book that dictates what color your second marriage wedding dress should be, but ivory seems to be the favorite.

    • Telling a Boyfriend You’re Pregnant

      You have to be aware that there are still a few rules when it comes to telling your boyfriend that you are pregnant. For instance, make sure you tell him FIRST.

  • Guest Article

    Barbara Jaurequi LG
    Barbara Jaurequi, MS, LMFT, MAC

    Barbara Jaurequi is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and a Nationally Certified Master Addiction Counselor. Her private practice, Barbara Jaurequi Counseling, is in southern CA, about 30 miles east of Los Angeles.

    Article: Four Treacherous ‘C’s for Married Couples 

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