• Divorce Advice - When Marriages Fall Apart

  • Divorce and Dog Custody

    No matter how angry or bitter you are over the divorce you should never use your dog as a way to “get even.” Keeping the dog just because you know how badly the other person wants him isn’t good for anyone involved.

    • Visitation Etiquette

      The thing is, that regardless of how parents feel about one another – they have to do their best to avoid being caught in the custody trap that causes them to play tug of war, with their children being the ones raked over the mud pile.  This is especially true when it comes to visitation.

    • Sharing the Kids After a Divorce Can Be a Nightmare

      One of the more popular ways that couples today are sharing custody, is trading off every other holiday and allowing kids to live with one parent for one week at a time, switching on Fridays.

    • When is Daddy Coming Home

      Living in today’s world, one can only be realistic in knowing that despite the best of efforts, sometimes families fall apart.  And when they do, and parents divorce – it is often the children that are left to clean up the pieces of the life they knew and rebuild.

    • What to do When You Can’t Afford a Divorce

      One thing that is for sure is if the end to the relationship is due to physical or emotional abuse, staying together for the sake of money is NOT an option.  In this case, you should explore ALL and EVERY option that you have available to you.

    • The Pros and Cons of Divorce

      So here it is!  The ‘ultimate guide’ (and yes the term ultimate is used lightly here) to the pros and cons of divorce.  In the interest of positive thinking, let’s start with the pros!

    • What to do After Divorce

      Just because you’re divorced doesn’t mean your life is suddenly meaningless. You still have hobbies, friends, relatives, children, and work (to name a few) to enjoy. These relationships and activities are important pieces of you and are critical pieces of life that define who you are.

    • My Spouse Doesn’t Want a Divorce

      First and foremost, get in touch with a divorce attorney.  In most states and locales, no-fault divorces are allowed.  This could be necessary if you have just fallen out of love, or find that your differences are irreconcilable yet feel neither of you truly is to blame.

    • Does Raising Children with Autism Increase the Odds of Divorce

      Rather than blaming autism – or any stressor for that matter for the divorce, maybe couples should cast their fingers toward personality flaws and lack of problem solving abilities.

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