• Divorce Advice - When Marriages Fall Apart

  • Divorce and Dog Custody

    No matter how angry or bitter you are over the divorce you should never use your dog as a way to “get even.” Keeping the dog just because you know how badly the other person wants him isn’t good for anyone involved.

    • I Don’t Love Your Father Anymore

      What is it you are supposed to say to your children?  You have decided that the marriage you are in isn’t working, and that you will be a happier person by excusing yourself form the relationship.

    • Telling Family about a Pending Divorce

      Your parents and your spouse’s parents will probably be disappointed especially if they themselves never once entertained the idea of divorcing.

    • A Divorce Can Be Ugly

      Given that a divorce can be ugly, Ronald Sharp  suggests that individuals should plan for it, even before they get married.  That’s rather a cold, cruel way of looking at it.

    • Being Civil During a Divorce

      Being civil during a divorce is absolutely one of the most difficult aspects of severing the knot, but it is also one of the most enriching ways to get through the divorce with your sanity intact.

    • Asking for a Divorce

      Before asking for a divorce, you have to sit down and measure your feelings, anticipate the future, prepare some answers to questions, and decide what you’re prepared to settle for regarding division of property and assets, and visitation rights.

    • When Friends Divorce

      Just recently my very best friend shared the shocking news that she and her husband were getting divorced. They had been married for 18 years, had what appeared to be a seamless marriage, 3 incredible children and were always laughing. I never saw it coming and I thought at first that she was joking.

    • Who Should Move Out In a Separation

      Every couple is different, and often the physical act of separating homes and belongings is one of the most difficult aspects of divorce.  Some people leave under the cover of darkness to avoid a struggle.  Other couples stay in the same home for months on end after deciding to separate. 

    • Does Raising Children with Autism Increase the Odds of Divorce

      Rather than blaming autism – or any stressor for that matter for the divorce, maybe couples should cast their fingers toward personality flaws and lack of problem solving abilities.

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