• Divorce Advice - When Marriages Fall Apart

  • Divorce and Dog Custody

    No matter how angry or bitter you are over the divorce you should never use your dog as a way to “get even.” Keeping the dog just because you know how badly the other person wants him isn’t good for anyone involved.

    • What to do After Divorce

      Just because you’re divorced doesn’t mean your life is suddenly meaningless. You still have hobbies, friends, relatives, children, and work (to name a few) to enjoy. These relationships and activities are important pieces of you and are critical pieces of life that define who you are.

    • Dividing Up the Assets

      Sometimes dividing the assets can be easy when everyone agrees. Other times, you may need to fight for every penny that is yours. A lot depends on your ex-spouse.

    • Divorce Insurance

      Divorce insurance is designed to help offset the cost of the legal proceedings, and provide a cushion so that each half of the couple divorcing can set up a new place of residence, which can costs from $5,000 to $35,000 depending upon where you live.

    • Divorce Does Not Mean You Are a Failure

      IF you are thinking about or facing a divorce, it is especially important to look at the divorce as a time of change.  To look at it as a beginning rather than an end.  Just because two people get divorced doesn’t mean that everything they shared together including the happy times, was all for not.

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