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  • Marrying For Life

    I don't think there's a single couple planning to marry who thinks that they'll get a divorce someday. Of course it's always legally an option, but who wants divorce in the back of their mind while they're walking down the aisle? Marrying for life is usually, and hopefully, the highest goal of the engaged.

    • What You Need to Know about Honeymoon Cruises

      Be a star aboard Celebrity Cruise Lines’ Millennium ship with a grown up feel and an elegant atmosphere. From five star dining to ball room style dance floors perfect for a midnight twirl beneath the stars.

    • Getting Married in Vegas

      Las Vegas has long been the home of the most marriages recorded per year in the United States. Perhaps it’s the glow of the neon lights that add just the perfect amount of romantic glow . . . or perhaps it’s simply that there is no waiting period to wed making it easier to be spontaneous.

    • Choosing a Bridesmaid

      Choosing your bridesmaids means more than just who you’ve known the longest or liked the best – it can be a decision that is rife with family politics, practicalities, and other issues.  You’re suddenly feeling that choosing a bridesmaid is like treading into the murky waters of quick sand.

    • DJ or Band for the Wedding

      It’s the element – more than the speeches or the wedding cake – that can electrify people into motion and take to the dance floor.  How much they dance into the wee hours of the morning is a sign of a well-planned reception.

    • For Better or Worse

      How telling is it that marriage ceremonies always include the phrase “for better or worse” just a few seconds before the big kiss. Perhaps they are hoping that you are so anxious to kiss your bride or groom that you wont hear the tiny little word, “worse” that seems to sneak its way in as quietly as a tornado.

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  • Guest Article

    Aaron Anderson
    Aaron Anderson - The Marriage and Family Clinic

    Aaron Anderson is a therapist and owner of The Marriage and Family Clinic in Denver, Colorado.

    Article: What to do After Divorce

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