• Weddings - Planning your Big Day

  • Bridal Registries

    A bridal registry would be much more useful if instead of being walked through Crate and Barrel with a sales/wedding consultant, you were walked through Wal-Mart with a wife and mother of three kids. She’s the one who could really help you get what you need for married life!

    • Destination Weddings

      If you are about to tie the knot but you can’t quite shake the knots the details are putting in your stomach . . . read on to find out how you can make planning your wedding a little less stressful and still just as fabulous as if you sweated the small stuff.

    • Planning a White Wedding

      Planning a white wedding – or any type of wedding for that matter – imposes one cardinal rule:  time.  When you’re getting married, the last thing you want to do is race against time and end up a total wreck on your wedding day. Plan early. We’ll say it one more time. Plan early.

    • Entrance Wedding Music

      The Wedding March has long been the traditional song for brides. However, many people are opting to shake things up and go against tradition. Everything from romantic and elegant classical compositions to trendier modern songs that we hear on the radio every Friday night.

    • Mock Wedding Vows

      Let’s be frank.  Not everyone is cut out for standing in front of God and people and professing their love to someone without feeling highly embarrassed.

    • Writing Wedding Vows

      Don’t be intimidated at all.  If there’s enough love gushing out of your heart and enough passion running through your veins, you’ll find the inspiration for writing your wedding vows – minus an ulcer.

    • When Two Become One

      The old clichés of becoming one with another person, or making two into one, or that marriage happens when two become one; are just expressions probably made up to describe something humans do that is often difficult to understand; commit to a long monogamous relationship.

    • What You Need to Know about Honeymoon Cruises

      Be a star aboard Celebrity Cruise Lines’ Millennium ship with a grown up feel and an elegant atmosphere. From five star dining to ball room style dance floors perfect for a midnight twirl beneath the stars.

    • Wedding Vows

      If you look at a sample of wedding vows – they share some common components.  For example, in a Catholic and Jewish wedding vow, the acknowledgement of a husband and wife is evident (“I take you as my lawful wife/husband”).

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    Aaron Anderson
    Aaron Anderson - The Marriage and Family Clinic

    Aaron Anderson is a therapist and owner of The Marriage and Family Clinic in Denver, Colorado.

    Article: What to do After Divorce

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