• Weddings - Planning your Big Day

  • Bridal Registries

    A bridal registry would be much more useful if instead of being walked through Crate and Barrel with a sales/wedding consultant, you were walked through Wal-Mart with a wife and mother of three kids. She’s the one who could really help you get what you need for married life!

    • Spring Flowers for a Wedding

      Perhaps one of the most recognizable of spring flowers, the daffodil is a perfect part of spring flowers for a wedding bouquet because it represents new beginnings. Daffodils are often mixed with tulips in spring to capture the very best of the season.

    • Planning a Wedding

      As weddings grow in extravagance and cost each year, more couples are finding that they have to plan early and make arrangements sometimes over a year in advance. When planning a wedding, first set a budget, then set a timeline to get things done; attack the larger, more important items first, relax, then move on to the details.

    • Planning a White Wedding

      Planning a white wedding – or any type of wedding for that matter – imposes one cardinal rule:  time.  When you’re getting married, the last thing you want to do is race against time and end up a total wreck on your wedding day. Plan early. We’ll say it one more time. Plan early.

    • The Meaning Of I Do

      I Do are two of the most important words you'll utter in your entire life. They are timeless and solemn and life-changing. They are the foundation of the next fifty plus years of your life together with the person you love.

    • Getting Married in Vegas

      Las Vegas has long been the home of the most marriages recorded per year in the United States. Perhaps it’s the glow of the neon lights that add just the perfect amount of romantic glow . . . or perhaps it’s simply that there is no waiting period to wed making it easier to be spontaneous.

    • Wedding Punch Recipe

      It would be very unusual to attend a wedding reception of any size, and not have a punch bowl full of a special wedding punch available. Since the mid 17th century, wedding punch has been added to the extensive list of wedding traditions.

    • Marrying For Life

      I don't think there's a single couple planning to marry who thinks that they'll get a divorce someday. Of course it's always legally an option, but who wants divorce in the back of their mind while they're walking down the aisle? Marrying for life is usually, and hopefully, the highest goal of the engaged.

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    Aaron Anderson
    Aaron Anderson - The Marriage and Family Clinic

    Aaron Anderson is a therapist and owner of The Marriage and Family Clinic in Denver, Colorado.

    Article: What to do After Divorce

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