Should You Put Your Pet On A Diet? If So, What Kind?

The latest veterinary surveys show that more than half of our pets are overweight, which is quite risky.  Overweight pets can suffer from many different diseases interlinked with obesity, such as debilitating diabetes, crippling arthritis, heart diseases and catastrophic kidney disease.

So it could be quite necessary for you to put your overweight pet on a diet, bringing you many positive and satisfying results. You can conveniently get all kinds of foodstuffs and other pet-related things from Paleo Pets. They will provide you with the best quality organic natural pet care products.

What kind of diet is beneficial for pets?  Take a brief look below at some tips which will help you to set a diet plan for your pet.

1.  Evaluate The Calories Your Pet Needs:

If you have no idea how many calories your pet needs each day, you will not know the precise quantity to feed them. Never trust the instructions written on the bag of pet food.  These feeding guidelines are usually composed for un-spayed, young adult or unneutered active pets. So, if you own a neutered, indoor, or older pet you are feeding 20 to 30% more than your pet needs by following the guides. In place of this, seek help from a veterinarian to inform you of the accurate number of calories your pet should consume daily. This is the best way to begin your pet’s diet.

2.  Essential Vegetables:

Do not offer your pet highly-processed treats daily. These play an important role in increasing a pet’s weight. Instead of this, make it a habit for your pet to eat baby carrots, celery, broccoli, and green beans, slices of bananas or apples, or cucumbers. These are natural, healthy treats and all your pet needs. However, do not treat your dog with a full banana or apple due to high sugar content.

A flake of salmon or tuna will be enough of a tasty treat for cats.

3.  Exercise Is Good For Health:

We all know that, and researchers have also proven, that for a long and disease-free life, the best thing to engage in is regular exercise. Having an exercise partner makes exercise more palatable, and a dog is the best built-in, no-excuse exercise partner. Just 20 to 30 minutes of brisk walking is beneficial for enhancing both of your immune systems, boosting your cardiovascular functions while also eliminating many behavioral issues for your dog. If you own a cat, create play with a laser pointer, remote control or ball for 5 to 15 minutes per day.

4.  Lower the Number of Carbs:

Pets do not need a high amount of carbohydrates in their diet yet most pet owners feed their pets with carbohydrates. You should purchase pet food with a balanced amount of protein and carbohydrates and most vets recommend feeding pets a higher protein and lower carbohydrate diet, especially for weight loss. Always consult your veterinarian before changing  your pet’s food.

It’s up to you to maintain a proper, healthy diet for your pet. Pets should be at their desired weight for healthy living. And never allow them to consume pizza or ice-cream (dogs love it); it will ruin their eating habits.

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