Symptoms of Conception

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  1. emma says:

    so i had sex on ovulation day, and 2 days later i woke up from exactly that strong pinchibg feeling right above the hairline that is described. it lasted a couple of hours. i have just stopped taking birth control 2 months ago and never had felt this kind of sensation before in my life. i was so sure something had happened inside me that night that i googled the type of pain i had felt and found this site. i told my husband the next morning that i think i felt an implantation in the night.
    for the next 2 weeks i felt perfectly normal. no more weird sensations, but i did eat very healthy, limited my caffeine consumtion and drank no alcohol, because i thought maybe i could be pregnant. my period came on exactly the day it was due, which was last night, but my period is very heavy. today i bled through every tampon within an hour. (i noticed my periods were heavier and longer since i stopped taking the pill, but this much bleeding surprises me.) is it possible i did have a fertilized egg implanted and then rejected by my body? if so, what could have been the reasons for that? i do have a very nice gynaecologist but i feel embarrassed to ask him about this because i do not want to feel hyper-concerned. i am also not in a particular rush to become pregnant, just interested and curious about what’s going on with my body.

    1. Emily says:

      I recently miscarried at 10 weeks and was talking to my friend about hers (she miscarried at 3 weeks) hers sounded the same as mine. I bleed clots, the size of softballs at least, some even larger. She had the same thing. You would most likely know. 🙂 It may just be your body getting use to not being on birth control 🙂

  2. Ekta says:

    Hi Emma

    I had similar kind of symptoms after intercourse on and before ovulation day .. I got my period three days before it was due and I was having pinching pain on my lower abdomen whole night which woke me up.. this kind of pain was never before when I use to have my periods … I am not sure what’s going on with my body either , I get tired easily , feel like puking sometimes … Can someone help us to get the answer …

    1. Annah says:

      Hey Ekta

      I too had similar symptoms. Me and my husband are trying to conceive. I ovulated around the 29th of october and on the 3rd of November I had strange cramping on my right lower abdomen and it radiated down my right leg, this happened for about 4 hours and then it stopped, 2 days later I had a pinching sensation right above the hair line. This morning I woke up with a strong urge to eat. Im confused what is happening to me because Ive never had these symptoms before my period and my period is due in about a week. Im hoping these are symptoms of implantation.

      1. lisa scott says:

        I have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year. Im currently at 12 dpo . At 8 dpo and 12 dpo Ive been having slight cramps. Throughout the night I have been experiencing them as well thinking I was going to wake up to my period but still nothing there. I feel a few pinches every now and then but nothing serious. According to my period tracker, It is due in 2 days , Did anyone else experience this?

  3. Becca says:

    Well I’m not sure about yall, but I’m currently six weeks pregnant and a syringe pinching type cramping in my lower right abdomen (particularly during sex) was one of the first things I noticed around the time of conception (though I didn’t know what it meant at the time!). I mostly just felt like my period was coming, And I was exhausted, which I attributed to my lack of sleep over the thanksgiving holiday. Right at about six days late (not unusual for me as ever since I went off birth control a year ago, my cycle has been wonky) I woke up one morning and my nipples were The most sensitive I’ve ever felt them and I decided it was time to test! Lo and behold there was my Bfp! Not sure how accurate of a sign it is, but that was my experience with it 🙂

  4. Num says:

    We are trying to conceive, i took medicine after last periods for 5 days to increase ovulation. This month am just getting brown discharge and cramps 🙁 whats this. I haven’t done preg. Test.
    I have 25 days cycle usually. What will be my ovulation days if i had periods on 5 may. Today is 5 june.

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