The Best Workout Gear for Women

We could all use a bit more motivation to work out. Sometimes, finding the right workout look is just the thing we need to get ourselves up and moving. But getting your hair up into a cool ponytail (check out one of these) is only half the battle. Finding the right workout clothes that look great and are totally comfortable is the other. For women wanting workout gear, there are thankfully many fantastic options to choose from, but we’ll provide the best tips for which brands and products are best for you.


The perfect pair of sneakers can make you feel like you can run 1,000 miles! This is where you should focus primarily on the best fit and support, because if you’re running, jumping, and doing stop/start exercises, you need to be sure that your shoes don’t hurt your feet. When it comes to the best overall shoe, everyone will have different style tastes, but one product that looks cool and provides cutting-edge support is the Nike Women’s Flex Supreme 4. The arch support is top-notch, the sole’s tread pattern has solid grip, and they feel light as a feather. It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t wear shoes when doing yoga or Pilates, however, as they can restrict movement.

Tank top

In addition to a well-fitting and comfortable sports bra, wearing a tank top when exercising is paramount. You’ll ideally want something that has quick-drying and moisture-wicking capabilities, as well as a cool, modern style. The Asics Gel-Cool sleeveless top ticks all the boxes, as its smart design means that your body remains well ventilated and you don’t overheat.


Shorts are definitely necessary to wear when working out in the middle of summer, while sweatpants are perfect if you’re doing light exercise at home or the gym when it’s a bit cold. When the temperature is mild, you’ll want leggings that also have moisture-wicking properties and fit perfectly. One of the most comfortable pair of leggings on the market right now would be the Live-In high waist from Zella. These are available in many colors and sizes, and are called Live-In for a reason! They are incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods of time and suit all types of fitness activities.

Remember, if you want to take your fitness to the next level, it’s always best to invest in great sportswear, as you’ll immediately regret going for budget options when you become far too sweaty, overheated, and uncomfortable when working out!

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