Transplanting Sunflowers – Moving the Plants to a New Location

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  1. Ed Barnhart says:

    Can I dig up sunflowers after they have gone to seed or gone dormit. If I harvest seed must I chill them for any length of time before planting? Should I add lime and or sand? Thanks Ed

  2. Joni says:

    I was growing a sunflower for the first time in a hot house to get it started. Soon it reached the roof of the hot house, (6 FEET)!! so without checking this article, I decided to move him outside.
    I did exactly as stated, as I like to think I have a green thumb like my Dad did. I dug a nice deep wide hole in an outside location that gets lots of both sun and shade. I carefully dug down and around the roots and carefully carried him to his new home. I placed him gently in the hole and covered him with a nice big mound of dirt. But when I stood up to admire him, he had completely wilted, just that fast 🙁
    I immediately gave him a nice big drink of water and thought he’d bounce back. I gave him another drink last night, and again this morning, but as of yet he hasn’t bounced back. Any suggestions please?

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