Trapping a Man – Getting Pregnant to Keep Him

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  1. Tom says:

    This can only happen because the courts support this kind of behavior. If a woman knows that no child support (and/or alimony) will be given to her, she would think twice about pulling such a trick. Paternity fraud is still the only LEGAL form or fraud that is totally acceptable under western laws.

  2. LeidyPartida92 says:

    It is the guy’s fault for not being smart enough to figure it out. I have tricked many guys into relationships, and if I really wanted them, I would trap them with a pregnancy. It’s really in my power when I find the right guy to do this with. Any decent guy will not leave a pregnant girl to handle it on her own. And besides, no one twisted their arms into falling for me. Men can be so easily manipulate if a girl says a few subtle things. I have stolen many guys from other women by just pretending to be a friend first. They come to me for advice. I give them bad advice so that they feel as if they are in a relationship with the wrong person. If they were really smart, they would talk to their partners and not spill their problems to others. Yet again, that is their own fault. hahaha guys are soo stupid! I’ve gotten tons of free gifts, vacations, and other perks from guys by simply playing to their ego and making them feel good. Guys end up lying for me. I don’t make them. I simply give them an ego boost. Their insecurities are to blame. I feel no guilt. I am simply helping the situation move along more quickly. The guys are just as involved as I am.

    1. Kyle says:

      You’re a real scum bag aren’t you? Haha…not. Guys can be naive, they can be vulernable, they can be clueless. Unless they have previous experience it’s not always easy for them to discern someone who is using them. You’re just a scum sucking whore who takes advantage of people and it’ll be quite the day when it finally comes back to bite you in the ass. Like maybe you’ll trick a secret abuser who then beats the shit out of you for pulling such absolutely selfish and insane shit on someone and thinking men are there for your “use” and financial support. You’re what lead guys to end up in fits of rage and throwing the woman out a ten story window.

  3. Jeff says:

    It happened to me in my late 20s. I was seeing on older German woman (her late 30s) who was divorced, and had a kid away in college. We dated for the better part of a year, she was supposedly on birth control. I was in a state of shock, but not denial as we were exclusive. I didn’t want to marry just yet, and would have preferred someone much closer to my age, but I accepted the responsibility. She admitted that she was in love with me, and knew that she only had a few more child bearing years left. We married, and I love her and the three kids she gave us. It turned out that it wasn’t as late as she thought!

    I’m glad she trapped me, it was an act of love.

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