Want to Locate Your Family on Your Adventure Trip? Get Your Hands on These Best Phone Tracking Apps

If you’re looking for a free GPS phone locator application, you’ve landed on the right page. In this article, you’ll find a list of the most beneficial applications for this job.

You can easily keep track of the phone for free by using the applications discussed below and find friends easily, as well as keep an eye on your kid’s movements around town.

Image source: (A process of GPS tracking that goes through multiple channels to generate the accurate results of Google Maps to find the locations)

Having the ability to monitor the activities of any person or a vehicle on a satellite map, hassled with a transceiver, were things you watched in secret agent movies. These days, GPS tracking devices are usually available that can certainly track the location anywhere in the world.

Even phones have become enabled with GPS navigation tracking, and the location can easily be traced on an online user interface, with specific maps. Presently there are some free GPS phone locator applications, made available on the internet, which you can easily install on the cell phone, to keep track of the location and make it noticeable to your friends and loved ones.

Listed here are the 3 of the best services you must use.

1.  Google Latitude

Google’s GPS phone locator application, referred to as ‘Google Latitude’ was introduced recently.

Although it works with GPS navigation enabled cell phones, this particular service can easily work without GPS chips installed on the phone. You can install it from google’s Latitude site and monitor the phone locations of the family and friends, who’ve subscribed to this service.

Moreover, you can use Google tracking tools if you have lost your phone; this article “” gives an in-depth insight into using these tools to find the lost phone.

2.  Buddyway

If you’d like to record the travel by monitoring the phone movement around the city or in a different place, what you ought to install on your cellphone is the Buddyway phone app. It allows you to keep track of the movement on Google maps and also comprehend the travel tracks on Google 3D. It is possible to share the travel tracks and notes with family and friends, who’s also signed up for it.

3.  Glympse

Made with the basic goal of serving people who want to track the location and share it with family and friends, Glympse has become the best free GPS phone system to be launched recently. It allows you to monitor all the movements of friends and save considerable time you usually spend in just finding people.


You can easily decide on any of the above solutions to monitor the whereabouts of the kids, loved ones and close friends. Having personally used Google Latitude and Buddyway myself, these apps are strongly recommended.

Not only is Google Latitude the most convenient software to use, but its unique selling position is also that it can easily be used on non-GPS-enabled devices too. Try to get one of these applications and stop bothering with losing your way or losing track of the loved ones and friends’ location. Try them out!

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