What to Do When a Spouse Threatens Divorce

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  1. Dixie S. Bigmouth says:

    That’s perfect crap. Everyone threatens divorce for all kinds of things, from the most trivial to more serious. There’s a big difference between voicing your discontent and actually filing papers. Or actually leaving the home.

    1. Atlas says:

      Dixie, I wonder why you have read through this… It isn’t ‘crap’. Brinkmanship in a marriage is disastrous to stability. If it is all bluff the person making the threat is, likely, very immature in some serious way. In any case, something is off if one/both partners are saying this often. That you seem to find it normal makes me wonder.

  2. MICHELLE says:

    My husband threatens divorce all the time. Even as far as telling me he filled out the ppwk, and I have three months to get out of the house. I am always talking him out of it, but it usually comes with rules such as you can never bring it up again (even if it isn’t discussed), and as usual it’s shoved under the rug. Well, there is no more room under the rug, and I’m emotionally taxed. Any apology I receive, which is rare to begin with, requires that I also apologize even if I did nothing but share my feelings. It’s sickening, it’s unhealthy, and I no longer feel like myself. My daughter has observed most arguement and seen them as well. The threats of divorce usually include the silent treatment for days, and sometimes longer. This includes my daughter, meaning she is also ignored as punishment although she was never involved, but just overheard it.

    1. Megan says:

      My husband is doing the same thing and things are shoved under the rug. Any argument happens he threatens me and then a few days later he is fine. I am also sick and tired. Worse part is he says I am not worthy of being a mother and that he wont have children with me. 4 years in marriage and this is what i get.

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