When Divorce Can be a Good Thing

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  1. david says:

    Obviously this is written by a woman who is clueless about the concept of comittment in a marriage. The BS on the internet that suggests anything good about a D (exception is physical abuse of any kind or serious emotional abuse) is pure BS posted by people who are selfish and self-centered in such a way that all the pain they cause by iniitating and going thru with a D is justiifed so they can be happy. BS

  2. Sara A says:

    you don’t know any thing david about married life so please don’t judge until u had the experience.

  3. David says:

    Sara, I gave been married 30 years. Have 4 kids and up until last July a good marriage. W dropped B on me saying she had no feelings for me, did not love me and wanted a D. A yr and half earlier…discovered she had a 2 yr affair with the next door neighbor….for which I forgave her and was working to restore our marriage…then she dropped the B. I have worked the past 11 mos to try and save our marriage. The W has done nothing except treat me poorly or without kindness/love. I treat her with kindness and love. She says she is now at peace with her decision. Really? At peace with a decision that has caused pain to her, me, our kids, our families and friends? Divorce is selfish!

  4. Mike says:

    Dave, U r hurt, but, she doesnt love u anymore. get over it! move on & be happy. Make new friends, buy a motorcycle, take a vacation and then get back to being super Dad!
    Sincerely, married w/ child and soon to be divorcing.

  5. Mike says:

    ps -i actually thought that the article was written from a male perspective…..

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