When Your Children Don’’t Like Their Grandparents

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  1. fester says:

    I hate my mother in law.

  2. Betsy says:

    My MIL does this but to the oldest grandchild. I think she does this because she feels bad she’s an only child. She goes and does fun things one on one with her but never my daughter. It’s annoying and unfair. When my daughter is old enough to notice, that’s when there will be a problem.

  3. Lee says:

    Never did like my grandpa, he was a bully, didn’t shed a tear when he passed away. Don’t care for my grandma on that side either. My grandma on my mom’s side is okay I guess, I don’t hug her though. People always try to paint some picture of a grandson who loves his grandparents and hugs them and all of that, that never was my family, I was never close to my grandparents and never wanted to be. My mom for instance doesn’t even call her mother mom, instead she always calls her by her first name and my mom’s sister does the same, I call her grandma but they never call her mom, my family is just not tight with each other. I’m the same way, I tend to avoid any get together such as Christmas with relatives, I don’t have anything in common with my relatives at all and don’t like being around them. I probably should put my age since whoever reads this will probably think I am some little kid, no I’m not, I’m 37 years old.

    Like I said some families just are not tight, and I chose to avoid my family and not have anything to do with them, it’s not that I hate them all, it’s just I have nothing in common and I find them all rather annoying and they get on my nerves.

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