Where to Shop Online for Kids’ Clothes in 2019

Between school, soccer practice, piano lessons and everything else, you hardly have time to take your kids shopping. Whether they have already grown out of their back-to-school wardrobe or you want them to look hip and fresh in the New Year, you need to supply your young ones with clothing, stat. Thankfully, you can turn to the internet to find the clothing items you need and have them shipped to your doorstep in a matter of days.

To be certain you buy the right clothes at the right prices, you can use the following guide to the best online stores for kids.


Coats, jackets, hoodies and other outerwear might be some of the easiest wardrobe essentials to buy online because their fit doesn’t need to be perfect to provide sufficient style and function. If you want to get good deals on kids’ outerwear before the winter season ends, consider the following online retailers:

  • Polarn O. Pyret. This Swedish brand has fun styles, and their clothing is nigh-on indestructible. They have an extensive outerwear collection for little ones newborn to 12 years old, so your kids will always be able to stay warm and dry.
  • Boden. Whenever a brand marries high quality with color and fun, it’s hard to ignore. Boden is a brand for the whole family, but it offers extensive outerwear options for kids up to 16 years old, and the clothing looks and feels first-rate.

Boots and Shoes

It’s hard to believe that Zappos, an online retailer that got its start with shoes, doesn’t appear under this heading, but the truth is that better stores exist online for kids’ footwear. For proof, you should pay a visit to the following sites:

  • Stride Rite. Boys’ and girls’ boots, sandals, sneakers, flats and more are available from this enormous online footwear store that specializes in kids’ fashion. Most options are heavily discounted, but they remain stylish and healthy for your little ones’ feet.
  • Nordstrom Rack. If name-brand footwear is your kid’s primary concern, you can find the styles they crave for great discounts at Nordstrom Rack. Because this is an off-price store, you can’t be guaranteed certain styles in certain sizes, but you can know that you won’t be paying top-dollar for designer duds.


In truth, tops are such a ubiquitous staple for kids that you should be able to find cut-rate shirts almost anywhere. For the best prices — and the most unique options — you might turn to thrifting, which (believe it or not) you can do online here:

  • ThredUp. The largest online thrift and consignment store, ThredUp boasts a huge selection of tops for boys and girls. You can find t-shirts and blouses from $3, which is a price that is hard to beat.
  • Kidizen. A kids-only resale space, this store is safe for your little ones to peruse on their own. Plus, unlike other online stores, this pre-owned clothing is almost one-of-a-kind, so your kid can have the most unique wardrobe on the block.


Before diapers are done and dusted, you need to invest heavily in kids’ undergarments. This stuff will be put to the test since kids tend to be more active — and less aware of nature’s call — than adults. That means you need to invest in high-quality underwear, which you can do at the following online outlets:

  • Gap Kids. If all you care about is affordable, durable underwear, there is no better place to turn than Gap Kids. You can get day-of-the-week undies for about $20, and the styles are simple and sure to appeal to every kid.
  • Petit Bateau. Then again, if you want a more chic set of underthings for your kiddo, French brand Petit Bateau is likely to please. The prices aren’t outrageous — especially if you can catch a sale — and the cuts and colors are attractively Parisian.


Now that Claire’s has gone out of business, many little girls and boys around the world are struggling to find affordable accessories to finish their looks. If your kid can’t get enough accoutrements, you can replace Claire’s with these online alternatives:

  • Etsy. You can find cute, affordable, kid-appropriate bits and baubles on this well-known website, if you know how to search correctly. However, you might want to talk to the shop owner first to understand how the accessories are made — i.e. if anything is toxic or can be broken easily — so you don’t invest in something that won’t last.
  • Accessorize. This U.K.-based shop offers all the kids’ accoutrements you could ever want. Cute purses, colorful jewelry, clips, caps, notepads and more — it’s like a high-end Claire’s.

When you don’t have the time or energy to get your kids new clothes from the shops, you can turn to the web. As long as you have a firm understanding of your little one’s style, you should find great success (at great prices) by shopping for kids online.

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