Why Dating Often Fails and How You Can Succeed

In the modern era of social networking and online chatting, live dating has become somewhat of a challenge: it’s not a surprise, for sure. When you chat with someone online or with Mynt Models, you get to know their interests and hobbies – you start building a foundation. And when the time comes to meet the special one, people become afraid of crashing the foundation they’ve built.

Dating should be all about new, fun and joyful experiences (at least that’s what we feel it should be). But we tend to worry about rising up to our own expectations – the problems start there. We start acting unnaturally, trying to be a better version of ourselves and, when the other person starts reacting badly to the “show” we put on, our confidence slowly starts to deteriorate. When our confidence has hit the lowest, we turn on our ego and that’s the moment we can call it a night.

The psychology offers many tips and tricks on how to actually be good at dating; they all rely on the most important thing: be yourself. If you wish to have a successful date, try the golden five dating rules:

Make a solid first impression

you don’t have to be an exquisite orator in order to achieve this. You should be dressed nicely, wearing the clothes you’re most comfortable with and smile genuinely on your first eye-to-eye contact.

Be confident

if you’re talking about something, own it, whilst allowing other person to express their opinions on the subject. Feel free to show that you’re comfortable with yourself. Don’t do all the talking – the trick here is to be confident, not full of yourself!

Don’t open the “ex” files

your date might be okay with this, but it’s best for you not to start the subject of exes. They might feel offended since this is your first date with them and here you are, talking about that time when your ex cheated multiple time – avoid it if you can.

Split that bill

okay, so you had a nice meal (or a drink) and now it’s time to pay. Whether you’re a boy or a girl, ask them politely to share the costs – it is mature and it shows you’re mostly interested in them, not the depth of their pocket (or your own, for that matter).

Know what you want

it’s the end of your date and the time has come to see if this has a chance. Be true to yourself and them – if you like the person, say you’ll call them and do so. However, if you don’t like them, politely say your goodbyes and go your own way.

Yes, dating can be tough sometimes, but it certainly isn’t rocket science.

All in all, just try to be yourself and follow the aforementioned rules – of course, feel free to spice it up a notch. And remember, your date might not work out the way you wanted, but the most important thing is to stay true to yourself and know what you really want in life – that’s what makes you approachable, interesting and a potential lover.

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