• Cleaning Floors - Hardwood, Laminate and Tile

  • Washing Hardwood Floors

    In order to keep your hardwood floors looking spotless and fresh, you have to clean them daily. This means that you vacuum or sweep them.

    • Cleaning Area Rugs

      Here are some basic rules to rug cleaning you can abide by that will ensure your rugs stay nice and clean and best of all, with as little effort as possible from you.

    • Cleaning Tile Floors

      Tile floors, whether ceramic, vinyl, or linoleum, are very durable, and come in a huge variety of choices. Spending a short amount of time cleaning tile floors can keep them in perfect condition for many years.  >> more 

    • How to Clean Puke from a Carpet

      So how to clean puke from a carpet? Follow this simple advice! One of the biggest factors in how effective you will be is how quickly you get to the vomit stain.

    • Removing Rust Stains from Carpets

      The first line of defense if you are dealing with a rust stain on the rug is to allow it to dry completely. Once the surface area of the carpet is dry you can begin to use a dull butter knife or other scraping tool to remove any excess rust that will flake off. The more you can pry off before you start cleaning the better chances you will have at getting rid of it for good.

    • Cleaning Laminate Floors

      If you're looking for a cheap way to get your floor sparkling and clean, here are some great home remedies that will save you some time and money.  >> more 

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