Crafts Made from Wine Bottles and Accessories

There are a variety of wine crafts that can be used for home décor or for giving great gifts. From the bottle to the cork, there are numerous wine crafts that can be made after you finish off your bottle of wine or that bottle of bubbly.

If you are thinking about making a craft out of cork, there are a few things you will want to consider first. Most wine bottles have a standard internal neck size so pretty much all of the cork will be about ¾ inch wide. Not all cork will be the same height, however, and may range from 1 ½ inches to 2 inches long. The ½ inch difference can make a big deal in a craft such as a trivet, so you might need to keep that in mind. Cork can also become moldy, so it is not recommended for outside uses. Cork works great for trivets and trays because they are great heat blockers and can be painted.

Here are a few great crafts that you can use your corks for:

  • Corkboards: All you need is a wooden frame with a backing. Get creative with your corks and make a variety of different designs. The corks can be glued on to the backing and you can post notes with pushpins. Very cute when you get creative with different cork colors and styles.
  • Wreaths: Wreaths can be made with corks in a variety of shapes and styles from hearts to any other shape you want. All you need is a standard foam or wicker frame and start gluing. Decorate with vines and plastic grapes.
  • Cork Trivets: Cork trivets are great the kitchen of a wine lover. All you need is a small wood frame and corks can be glued in a variety of styles. You will generally want to use the corks that are 1 ½ to 2 inches long so that they make a good square shape. A 12 x 12 board works great. Trivet kits are also available from craft shops and online.
  • Wine Cork Display Rack: You can find a very simple rack at the local craft shop that is great for displaying the corks from rare wines or champagnes. If you picked them up from a local winery you may want to decorate the rack with the name of the winery and other decorations such as vines or grapes.

Wine glass charms have become very popular in the past few years. They are great for parties so that everybody can keep track of whose glass is whose. They are available in numerous stores and catalogs, but why pay a lot for just a few charms when you can make them on your own? You can also recycle a few charms from old jewelry that you haven’t used in awhile or off necklaces that are broken.

Making wine glass charms are simple. All you need is some scissors, light wire, a bag of beads and charms. The size of the ring that you make with the wire will depend on the thickness of your glass stems. All you have to do is slip the charm on a small piece of wire, add a few decorative beads and make a hook closure with the remaining wire. Simple and easy. These make great gifts for friends and family that enjoy wine or entertain. If you have a best friend from your child hood, consider making a set from old jewelry that you used to wear and share. These make very personalized gifts for dinner parties or friends.

Wine makes great gifts for dinner parties, holidays or birthdays. Don’t be tacky and hand the bottle over in a brown bag, instead make your own decorative bottle bag. These are very simple to make and involve very little sewing. Begin by getting a block of fabric that is about 12 by 14 inches. The 12 inches will be for the height of the bottle and the 14 is the length of wrapping. Fold the fabric so that the nice side of the fabric is on the inside. You will then sew a hem along the bottle and up one side. It is good to add a dart in the corner so that the corner will fold properly. Turn the fabric right side out and fold the top over or cut the top with decorative scissors and then tie a decorative bow around the top. Very simple and easy. You can use fabric for whatever holiday or occasion it is. If you are bringing the bottle for a dinner party, use a fabric with wine bottles and grapes on it.

Wine bottles can also be recycled and decorated. Gently remove the labels off and save them in a scrapbook so you can remember your fine wines that you have had the pleasure of drinking, or frame them for your kitchen or dining room. Then soak the glue off the wine bottle and run through the dishwasher. If you are creative with a paintbrush, you can decorate the bottles with glass paint for gifts or home décor.

All of these crafts are simple and easy. You don’t have to have a lot of creative flair to create something unique and special.

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