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10 Anti-Cancer Food Stuffs You Should Be Cooking With

Cancer is the deadliest disease in the world today. Paul Kraus is an example of someone who has survived with mesothelioma for over 20 years making him the worlds longest ever survivor. It’s one of the deadliest forms of cancer because it kills 15,000 people every year.

Paul, from his site, is a champion of tailoring your diet to fighting and surviving cancer. Here are the top 10 anti-cancer foods you should be using while cooking.


Use garlic in everything you can possibly use it in. Studies from China demonstrated that eating raw garlic reduces the risk of lung cancer development.

This is because of the sulfur compounds within, which strengthen the body’s defenses. Garlic can reduce tumor growth and reduce the incidence of cancer.


Broccoli is a cancer superfood. It attacks cancer and contains natural cancer-protective flavonoids. However, be aware that cooking broccoli will kill most of its cancer-fighting qualities.

Steam the broccoli to prevent damage to these compounds.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts contain large amounts of selenium. Cancer cells commit suicide in the presence of selenium. There are also studies to show that the selenium in Brazil nuts can help existing cells to repair their damaged DNA.


Citrus fruits are spectacular at preventing cancer from spreading. Many cancers have their risk factors cut in half by lemons and limes.

Making a fresh batch of lemonade or limeade every day should be a priority for you.


For pure antioxidant power, blueberries are the ultimate fruit. Large numbers of antioxidants neutralize free radicals, which are what damage cells in the first place and cause cancer.


Artichokes are recommended because of the silymarin inside. It’s a type of antioxidant that studies have shown can prevent the spread of cancer.

When cooking with artichokes, make sure you steam it to preserve the silymarin within.


People who eat more fish are less likely to develop serious blood cancers. Fatty fish, including salmon, are best at reducing the risk of cancer.

These are also an excellent source of omega-3, which most of us are deficient in.


Another source of antioxidants is kiwifruit. They also include vitamin C, which has been used in many cancer therapies. You don’t have to eat kiwifruit raw all the time. Rub it onto a piece of meat as a tenderizer and reap the benefits!

Raw Onions

Diets with high levels of onion in them can reduce the risk of many cancers by up to half. Try to eat them either raw or lightly cooked to avoid taking away the nutrients within.

Other alternatives to raw onions include scallions and shallots.


The magic of sauerkraut is in the fermentation process involved in making it. Sulforaphane and indoles are just some of the anti-cancer compounds produced by this process.

To prevent taking in large amounts of sodium, you can also rinse it first.

Last Word – Beating Cancer through Your Stomach

These are ten great foods that should regularly be on your menu, according to mesothelioma survivor Paul Kraus. Make sure you use them regularly within your diet.

Do you know of any other anti-cancer foods?

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