10 Things To do Before Your First Date

Dating is the most beautiful part of a person’s life, which is why it is crucial to make it a memorable day. Is it your first date or have you dated someone before? I’m glad that you’ve come to the right spot. Planning for the first date can lead to anxieties, which is why I am here to help. Keep in mind that your preparation for the first date should be good because as they say, the first impression is the last impression. There is no need to spend a lot on yourself; just make sure that you are confident enough to navigate an engaging conversation. There are dos and don’ts of date, but in this article, I will tell you about ten things that you need to do before your first date. Don’t get carried away by what you see in YouTube videos and dating apps; a real-life meeting is very different.

Ten things to do before your first date:

  1. Get a good night sleep

Keep in mind that it’s your first date. Therefore you need to be very active and vibrant for the big day. Getting a good night sleep is always important for the human body. If you sleep late and wake up early in the morning, then you will be lazy for the rest of the day. If you get an adequate amount of sleep, then you’ll be able to navigate a healthy meeting with your partner. Don’t over think and relax yourself the night before the date.

  1. Take a bath and wear a cologne

People usually sweat a lot in the summer season and start giving a strong body odor. Don’t be one of them and take a bath before going on a date. Choose a perfume that you believe is going to make the other person comfortable too. Don’t go for a very spicy fragrance. Wear body mist and deodorants. Brush your teeth before going and always have a mint in your pocket. Bad breath and a smelly body, both will spoil the date completely.

  1. Wear the right outfit

What have you planned to wear on your first date? What season is it? If your first date is falling in the summer season, then try to wear something light in color and texture. You can go for simple chinos and a tropical t-shirt. Keep in mind that your first date has to be memorable.

Moreover, choose the right color of your clothes. If you’re going in the evening, then light colors won’t be feasible. Consult your friends who have been on dates before. Try to look classy rather than dressing like a joker.

  1. Get a smart haircut

A good haircut will groom you completely. If you have rough hair, then you must get a smart hair cut before setting out. Many hairstyles are trending these days. Just choose the one that you believe will suit you. Make sure that the style that you choose looks perfect according to your face cut. Tell the barber about the way you want to look and be confident about your choice. You can also get your hair colored if you want.

  1. Make a restaurant reservation

Keep in mind that you and your partner might not have a lot of time to roam around the city in search of a good restaurant on your first date. However, there’s a little twist here. Always choose a restaurant that is far away from your locality. If you go on a date to a restaurant that is within the parameters of your society, then that could spoil your date. There is always a chance of a friend accidentally bumping in the same restaurant. Tell the manager about your date so that he can manage some fresh flowers on the table.

  1. Clean up your car

Never go on a date in a dirty car. This can have a very bad impression on your partner. Clean up your car thoroughly before setting off. Incorporate a car cologne if you can. Keep in mind that your partner will be judging you not just from your behaviors but also from the lifestyle that you have. If your car is smelly and the seats are not comfortable, then that could potentially harm your meeting to a great extent.

  1. Always buy a gift in advance

The first meeting can be frightening, especially when two people are coming to terms with each other in love. Don’t be a cheapskate by not buying anything for your partner. If you can’t afford to buy an expensive gift, then go for an economical option. You can get a wrist band or a bracelet for your spouse. Perfumes and beauty kits are also good options. A present can make the environment quite pleasant. Don’t immediately give the gift to your partner. Give it to her when she is leaving so that she gets surprised.

  1. Keep a bottle of booze in the car

Does your partner like to drink? If you already know about the wine that she loves to drink, then make sure that you have it in your car. Sometimes the intensity of emotions is so high that most dates turn into mild lovemaking adventures at the end of the day. If you feel like proposing her on your first date, then you must have something to celebrate that with. As a teenager or a person who is less than 21, you can check Top Fake ID Websites to get a fake document to buy booze.

  1. Manage your phone’s notifications

With so many social media applications on our phones these days, it is common for the phone to repeatedly give notifications all the time. Your first date is a very sensitive meeting, so you better manage your phone settings. Keeping the phone silent throughout the date won’t be a healthy practice since some phone calls can be very urgent.  So instead of putting your phone on silent, you can change the settings of social media applications for a day.

  1. Check your bank account

Instead of getting embarrassed while paying the bill with no money in your credit card, you better do that job right now. Check your bank statement in advance before setting out for your date. You can also carry some cash in hand when leaving, but it is better if you carry a credit card since most payments are made online. Refrain from asking the other person for contributing to the dinner financially. Have the grace to do everything yourself.


There are many dos and don’ts of the first date; the only thing that matters is how well you handle the first meeting. Dating and relationships are very important segments of people’s lives. Before setting out for your first date, it is crucial that you make a note of every suggestion that I have given above. Lastly, don’t over think and just go with the flow. Your first date is not a guarantee that you will have the other person for a lifelong relationship but who knows that the first date might transition into a love affair at any moment.

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