10 Worrying Drug-Related Crime Statistics

There are a lot of worrying statistics that tie drugs and crime together. Even with known potential risks, the crime rate keeps rising for all of the wrong reasons. In order to keep drug related crime under control, you have to first understand the numbers.

1. Overdose Deaths

Overdose deaths are a good starting point to seeing the prevalence of opioid addiction. Thousands of deaths happen each year due to overdose, and a significant portion in that category are tied to opioids and related drugs.

2. Youth Arrests

Juveniles are arrested for possession of drugs. A small misdemeanor can completely derail what was a promising young life. Many adults have had drug mistakes from their teens leak over into their adult life and cause complications.

3. Violent Crime

Violent crime related to drugs continues to rise based on demand. Judges are also more likely to come down harder on drug offenders with a history of past violence. The bias is strong, and has led to harsher sentences for smaller crimes.

4. Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drugs are legal as long as they are used in their intended capacity. But there is a black market for prescription drugs, and the money made is very lucrative. With millions of people having access to legal drugs, the harm becomes a toss up between legal misuse and illegal misuse.

5. Property Crime

A good chunk of property crime is committed by those under the influence. The biggest is trespassing, as the drug user is not aware of their surroundings. Being high is not an excuse that will fly when getting arrested for trespassing.

6. Drug Seizures

The scariest thing about drug seizures is how often a sting operation will find it attached to other illegal activities. When law enforcement agencies scope out the drug trade, it is only a small part of a larger empire of illicit goods.

7. Cocaine

A common stereotype in movies is that cocaine is a drug for wealthy individuals. The truth is that illegal drugs are exactly that, and money has nothing to do with the quality. There are many situations where drug users are hospitalized due to their cocaine being laced.

8. Ecstasy

Ecstasy is known as a party drug that is used for its euphoric effects. Over the years, it has been found in the hands of teenagers and college campuses. Although it isn’t exclusively a drug used by youth, the numbers related to overdoses are concerning.

9. Marijuana

Although it has been legalized in many places, marijuana is still a drug that can get you arrested. Getting arrested for this drug has had severe consequences in the past. For the modern day, it all comes down to the local laws on whether or not the judge will throw the book at someone that gets arrested for marijuana.

10. Drug-related Homicides

Homicides carry multiple layers of information for law enforcement. When drugs are involved, it is usually at the top of the chart. Drug-related homicides can be area specific, and thus are more likely to lead to major complications.

The Global Impact is Strong

The most compelling part of these stats are the unique differences between legal and illegal drugs. For crime, the origin of the drug makes no difference in its danger to the social ecosystem of the world. As health professionals prioritize drug education, the public has to match that effort with a willingness to learn.



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