11 Must-Read Personal Finance Blogs

When it comes to managing your finances, you’ll need all the help you can get even if you think that your personal finance strategy seems to be working. You should still pay attention to the financial advice and opinions of the different money experts in the web. Always make it a point to leave room for learning and gaining more knowledge about effectively managing your finances. If you wish to gain more financial management knowledge on a personal level, reading popular and sensible personal finance blogs can be an effective way of accomplishing that goal.

Financial Mentor

If you want a smart and practical advice on how to manage your finances, this is one of the most recommended personal blogs you can bet on. Todd Tresidder, an ex-hedge fund manager and the blog’s creator, expertly maps out strategies and lays down numerous topics about personal finance. His vast knowledge and expertise when it comes to financial topics allows him to make the topics easy to digest and understand. His blog offers advice on important and timely topics such as, building wealth, investment advice, financial advice and retirement planning. You don’t just stop at safeguarding your finances and spending wisely with this blog. You also gain ideas on how to build wealth and let your money grow.

Bitches Get Rich

If you are not the type that can handle economic jargon and serious discussions, but you want to learn in a feisty and no-nonsense way, let Kitty and Piggy help you out with your personal finances. These amazing women will provide you a new and unique perspective on how to handle your personal finances in this changing world. Their topics are relatable and straightforward and written in a powerful conversational prose. You’d feel like talking to them directly as they give you advice with no sugar-coating and getting straight to the point with practical tips that regular learners can apply.

The Budgetnista

This blog by Tiffany Aliche, aka The Budgetnista, also offers a straightforward, simple and fun financial lessons. The Budgetnista blog handles common financial topics that most of us can relate to and relays the topics in a relatable and understandable way, without the jargon and terminologies that can hinder you from learning. Her blog also features financial growth challenges such as “Live Richer” challenges, which has inspired many readers to get their finances on track and build wealth at the same time.

Money Task Force

If you want a blog about personal finance that features content on a wide variety of financial topics that people care about, this blog is your bet. is a go-to blog if you are looking for relevant topics related to finance. There are many topics you can choose from, such as banking, credit, real estate and loans. The discussions are comprehensive, with tips and guides provided to equip readers with the necessary faculties for making better decisions when it comes to their finances. Also, this blog is interactive and welcomes suggestions from readers on topics that they want to be covered.

Young, Cheap Living

If you are a young professional who wants to learn about live an established and stable financial life as early as your yuppie years, then this is the blog for you. Kraig Mathias shares various contents and tips on how you can wisely spend your hard-earned money without falling into the trap of debt. His topics emphasize on how to manage spending and on what you really need, living frugally and reaching your financial goals without relying on debt, which can restrict you from doing what you really want in life. You will get to learn new, non-traditional ideas about money management which most gen-Z and millennials can relate with.

Punch Debt in the Face

Created by “Ninja” the mysterious creator behind Punch Debt in the Face, this blog gives a fun and sensible twist to personal finance. If you are looking for a blog hilariously fun about money matters, but doesn’t compromise the goal of financial sensibility, this is a good pick for you. This is made for the everyday, average Joes who want none of the complicated stuff discussed in personal finance blogs. Ninja purposely combines stick figure artwork, personal stories, intentional grammar mistakes and bad spelling and lame jokes that you can’t help but smile about. If you want learning that’s far from boring, you’ll be drawn to this blog and realize that learning about finances can be fun.

The Penny Hoarder

Millions of Facebook fans have followed this blog by Kyle Taylor. One of the main reasons is that it not only has topics about managing available finances, but also focusing on adding a little extra to your finances by making money from home. This blog not only appeals to housewives, but to virtually anyone who is struggling with their finances and those who want to achieve financial freedom. The blog also features side hustle ideas, simple ways of earning money and smart opportunities that can help you gain more wealth.

Budgets are Sexy

If you are looking for unconventional blogs about money that don’t sound too educational or preachy, this blog from J. Money could be the right one for you. J. Money is open and candid when it comes to his money and net worth, something which some readers appreciate, while some find as edgy. Talking about unconventional, aside from the usual advice about finances, the author also covers topics on how to make money in weird and unusual jobs, which can motivate and inspire readers to be more creative in looking for ways to earn money.


When it comes to empowering women to attain financial stability and freedom, this blog is one of the must-reads. Founded by Sallie Krawcheck, the blogs mission is to close the gender-investing gap and provide data-backed information on personal finance to empower women when it comes to money matters. There is a wide variety of topics women can relate to and useful economic information on the untapped and often overlooked power and significant role of women in steering the economy. This blog allows women readers to look into the bigger picture when it comes to financial matters and how they can unlock their potential to achieve wealth and level the economic playing field.

Broke Millennial

Erin Lowry’s blog and book of the same name is a must read not just for the new generation, but also for the older generations. She gives her blog a youthful, candid and straightforward point of view, which many readers can relate to and appreciate. She tackles on timely financial topics and money matters and the interrelation of money with other aspects of life, including relationships and health. She bravely discusses personal finance by being open about her own experiences and sharing the important lessons she has learned along the way.

The Chief Mom Officer

Moms and kids, rejoice! Here’s a blog that will help moms and their kids achieve success at work and financial freedom. Liz, the Chief Mom Officer explores different topics related to kids and money, which most moms can relate to, such as saving for college and budget-friendly ways to have fun as a family. One thing most readers can appreciate is Liz’s candidness about her own family and how it illustrates that every family is unique and they also have unique opportunities to be financially successful.

When it comes to personal blogs, there is a wide variety to choose from. All you have to do is be open to learning and acquiring new knowledge to broaden your financial horizons. Complacency is something you should be careful about in order not to stagnate your personal financial strategies. Just because you are doing well financially for now doesn’t mean it would stay that way in your entire life. You have to stay abreast of the changes that can affect your finances and how you can adapt to become free, stable and successful financially.

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