15 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Wedding Menu

Weddings have always had a significant cultural value in our lives and always will. Whether it’s a small wedding or a big one, we want it to be lavish and memorable for all the right reasons. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds on paper.

You have to take care of everything from the guest list to the decor to music to food. The menu is one of the most important aspects of the wedding. You need to select a menu that offers a nice variety to the guests.

Here are 15 things to consider when selecting your wedding menu. 

#1 Consider What You’re Guests Like

Consider what your guests like when selecting the dishes. It may be your wedding but when it comes to the food, you should choose it keeping the guests in mind.

The best solution is to have a variety that caters to everyone’s needs. Plus, dietary situations should also be kept in mind. Ideally, pick a menu that’s suitable for not just people who love non veg, but also for people who only eat veggies.

#2 Take Care of Your Timeline

Timelines are difficult to manage when it comes to the wedding. A tighter timeline for everything means that it will get pushed back. Pay attention to the schedule and keep some extra minutes in between.

Appetizers and cocktail hour should be about an hour before the main meal so that guests aren’t already full by the time they reach the main course.

Cocktails and appetizers can be served during performances. Guests can enjoy dances or music while sipping their favorite cola. 

#3 Decide What Kind of Meal Service Best Fits You

There are various styles of meals served at a wedding.

  • There is plated meal option available in which the servers bring the meal to the tables;
  • There’s a buffet-style meal in which all the food is served on a huge table from where you can go and pick what you’d like to eat;
  • There’s a family-themed serving in which food bowls are on tables and you can take the quantity that you like;

All of these can be a good option but you have to decide what best fits your needs, budget, your guests, timeline as well as the size of the venue.

All of these meal services have their own pros and cons. Plated meal may be more costly as they require more labor and rentals onsite.

Buffets can be time-consuming and a bit more difficult for the guests. They also result in more wastage of food. Family serving is a good option but you need a good table for that if you have a huge menu.

Look at your budget and preferences to decide what fits you the best. 

#4 Look at your Budget

Your budget should be the foremost concern when it comes to the wedding. Pick everything according to your budget.

If you can’t afford luxury then don’t even consider such options. 

#5 Pay Attention to the Season

Always select the menu according to the weather conditions. For example, Provide your guests with warm appetizers such as soups if it’s cold. You can turn to ice creams if it’s hot. 

#6 Cocktail Hour

Having a cocktail hour is always an amazing idea for the wedding. However, make sure not to overdo it.

Consider saving special items for the main meal instead of offering a variety of options in your cocktail hour. For example, if you’re offering pasta earlier then it can’t be on the main menu.

Having too many items on the cocktail hour can leave your guests full, tired, and bloated. This may cause the main meal to be left untouched, eventually causing wastage of food.

Keep the cocktail hour light. Consider providing soups or other light foods to keep people wanting for more. 

#7 Choose a Décor that Goes With Your Menu

You should choose a menu that goes with your venue and décor. For example, if you’re planning your wedding in the countryside, then a barbeque menu might be a better option. You need to look carefully at the décor and venue and decide your menu accordingly. 

#8 Go with Specialties

Many venues or caterers often are known for their specialties and delicacies. If you have that option available then consider it.

#9 Don’t Forget The Drinks

When it comes to weddings, people are often more interested in drinks than the main food. This is why you should pay special attention to the bar.

Keep it flooded with all sorts of drinks, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. If it’s cold then you may also add tea o coffee. Companies like AFPKG are making it possible to serve hot coffee to your guests, so add it as an option.

#10 Keep Your Partner Onboard

Talk to your partner about everything You should select the menu with his or her consent. You two should be on the same page regarding the menu so that there are no surprises on the wedding day.

#11 Remember Other Days

The menu should be different for every party, from engagement to wedding to reception. Having the same menu may be easy but it gets boring after a point. 

#12 Don’t Over Do the Menu

You don’t have to stick to a six-course menu for you to have an amazing wedding and your guests to leave happy. Break the rules and consider having a three-course menu with appetizers, and desserts. 

#13 The Number of Guests

Be clear about the number of guests when ordering food. Being short on food can be embarrassing and having more food than needed can result in a waste of food and money.

#14 The Food Should be Hot and Fresh

Make sure to serve fresh and hot food to the guests. Choose the right company to handle the job so that your guests can enjoy a delicious meal.

#15 Be Specific About Details

Don’t let the caterer decide things for you. For example, if your menu has fish then be specific about the type of fish you want.

Just follow these tips and make your wedding a memorable event.

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