3 Signs That Your Spouse May Be Developing A Problem With Alcohol

Alcohol is pretty normalized in today’s world, with countless commercials, TV shows, and companies focusing on it. While there’s nothing wrong with having a beer at the local bar, having a glass of wine with dinner, or cracking open that bottle you’ve been saving for a special occasion, the line between drinking and having a drinking problem can be easy to ignore.

If you are noticing that your spouse might have a problem with alcohol, then you need to look for some of these signs, and then reach out to them to get some help. An alcohol problem or even an addiction to alcohol doesn’t need to be a marriage ender, but you do need to catch it fast.

They Are Drinking In Isolation Every Day, And Drinking More Than Normal

Many people are social drinkers. They will go out to watch a sports game and have a few beers, invite friends over and share a glass of wine, or host a dinner party and allow both the bottles and conversations to flow freely. Typically this is okay, because most people don’t get drunk at social events, and if they do there are plenty of eyes on them to ensure they don’t harm themselves or others. However, if you have noticed that your spouse has started drinking in isolation without others around, that can be a problem, especially if they are drinking a lot.

While drinking one can of a beer or one shot of whiskey with a meal isn’t a red flag, drinking an entire six pack or half a bottle without a reason can be a massive problem that you need to react to.

They Have Started Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is another massive problem, where your spouse will drink and drink way beyond their normal limit. Often this can lead to them making rash decisions while drunk, throwing up or having other health problems, or even passing out and having one rough hangover the next morning.

There are plenty of risks associated with binge drinking that can damage your relationship as well as your partner’s health. So if you notice they are binge drinking, one time is enough and you need to get help.

They Drink During Or After High Stress Moments

You’ve had an argument, or had a rough day, or the bills just came in, and your spouse is off to the liquor cabinet. While many people drink for a reason, such as to celebrate a happy occasion or to watch a sports game, if your spouse is only drinking during or after a moment of very high stress, then that is a real problem.

Often that doesn’t make the problem go away, and it also causes a lot of issues where your spouse can get even angrier or more frustrated at the situation or even at you.This anger and high emotions can escalate, so make sure to get help and nip this in the bud.

Help Is Available And Accessible

While it is easy to feel powerless in the face of an addiction, or become scared and worried that any move you make to confront your spouse could lead to the end of your marriage, you can seek out help. Whether you decide to hold an intervention with friends and family to talk to your spouse, or you want to focus on getting professional help, you can take action and you should.

A problem with alcohol isn’t something you need to try to handle alone, and getting the help you need is going to save your marriage.



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