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3 Simple Things Hurting Your Property Management Marketing and SEO Efforts in 2019

In 2019, it’s absolutely critical that your property owners can find you on search engines when they are trying to find a local property management company or real estate agency to hire. Not only do you need to have a modern and well designed website, but people need to be able to find it!

Unfortunately, you might be missing out on a few simple (yet often misunderstood) SEO practices that are absolutely critical to have optimized in order to make this happen.

Let’s dive into 3 of these SEO strategies and what you can do to make sure that you are setup for success and not missing out on potential property management leads.

Optimized Site Title

This is the title of you website page on search engines and can be easily changed by your webmaster or by yourself in your website editing platform like WordPress, WIX, or Squarespace. It’s really important to have your target keywords in this site title. For example, if you were a property manager in San Antonio, your site title should not only include your brand name, but also something like “Property Management Services in San Antonio“. That site is a prime example. If you go to that page on their website, you will see that the title includes something similar. Google uses site title’s to determine the relevancy of your website and what it is about.

In-Depth Meta Description

Like the site title, the meta description also appears on Google’s search results and is used to not only show searches more info, it’s a major factor for property management SEO and is used by search engines to determine more details about your website and what online searches your website should appear for. Again, you should carefully select and plan the content out for your meta description. You should put more variations of your target keywords here in this spot. For example “San Antonio Property Manager”, Rental Management Services San Antonio”, “Rental Properties in San Antonio”. This will build deeper relevancy for these topics on your site and help you get shown more for local searches in your city.

On-Page Header Tags

These are important for search engines because they use them to categorize the pages and sections of pages on your website. They also help the readers who are looking at your website to easily skim and read content, which can lead to property owners spending more time on your website and pages which will in turn send good vibes and SEO signals to search engines like Google that people like the content on your website.

On your webpages, you need to define the following headings:

H1- Main title of the page (with some keyword variation)

H2- Service Description and main service area

H3- Sub-headings (titles) for paragraphs on the page

By defining these heading tags, you are helping Google and other search engines more effectively categorize your pages and determine what your website is about. This will help on your onsite SEO and make it easier for search engines to rank your property management website for the searches you are trying to be found for.

To summarize

These SEO tactics are truly essential for property managers that want to be found online and get more property management leads. If you will implement these simple yet often neglected strategies, your company is sure to get more exposure and traffic, which will ultimately lead to more growth!

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