3 Truths to Help You Bring Your Dreams To Life

Help You Bring Your Dreams To Life

While we are all living in a mixed up, turned upside down world, there is a silver lining to the chaos. It is from the chaos that new dreams, breakthroughs and (r)evolutions will emerge. “Necessity is the mother of invention,” as they say.

No matter where you are right now, whether you are riding the waves, so to speak, or being tossed around by the waves, change is happening. There has never been a time more ripe for a collective and individual renaissance. With so much up in the air, and so much structure broken open, you can choose to look for the opportunities within those cracked open spaces to step into a new life for yourself that is even more fulfilling and in alignment with who you are at your core.

There are three really important truths that you can now harness to take full advantage of this highly charged and creative atmosphere. They are simple, but not always easy. They call you to a new level of diligence and discernment around your most basic activities: speaking and thinking.

The first truth lies behind your EYES: What you focus on expands. 

What images, thoughts or ideas dominate your thoughts? If you keep up with the daily news headlines, it can be easy to allow your thoughts to be preoccupied by all the conflict, injustice and polarity that dominates our current events. When we allow our thoughts to journey down the path of hopelessness, despair, or anger, we are contributing our attention, our energy, towards that which we don’t want. We are reinforcing the struggles and the conflict with our focus.

As I see it, we have three choices: allow the elements of this modern world that upset us to create stress and worry within us, transform the dissatisfaction into inspiration for change, for new visions of what could be, and to allow this broken open world to be the fertile ground for new growth and possibilities that it wants to be, or unplug from the headlines and focus on those things around us that generate feelings of gratitude and hope.

Imagine your eyes have new, magical powers. Whatever you focus on grows and expands and attracts more of the same. Can you shift your attention from all that is going “wrong,” to all the things around you that feel so “right?” When that wave of despair begins to wash over you, can you literally turn your gaze to find something for which you are grateful or that brings you joy? Imagine that the more you focus on gratitude, the more you will manifest other things, people, opportunities, experiences… for which you are grateful. You could create tiny altars in your home, clusters of photos, art, plants, crystals, etc. that will draw your attention to those elements in life that you cherish. Create these oasis for your eyes, your vision, to remind you to focus on that which you desire to expand.

The second truth passes through your LIPS: What you speak becomes your reality.

Your words are tremendously creative. Whatever you say, you are right. For example, “I am struggling with this.” I have no doubt you can identify with that statement and how does this statement communicate the same thing, but feel more empowering: “This is proving to be a challenge for me and I am looking forward to learning what it takes to overcome this challenge.”

Can you guard your words and only speak ones that are empowering? We absolutely learn through contrast. It is only when we lose the job that we take the leap and focus on a career or passion that had, up until now, taken a back seat. It is often the dire health diagnosis that motivate us to focus on relieving our stress, taking better care of ourselves, or change our diet. We can only experience the joy of personal liberation after spending time feeling stuck or trapped.

I have a dear friend who is currently taking back power, gaining deep inner wisdom, and developing ninja-like self-awareness through an eating disorder. We talk about how this very real, and very scary, experience is going to be a part of her most authentic and empowered future. We talk about all the insights and what she is learning about herself, rather than speaking to the fear or the frustration she also dances with.

Speak to what you want. Allow your words to paint pictures of future realities that do give you hope. When enough of us remember how to do this, the external world will align itself accordingly. If we don’t, that which we speak to will also become our reality.

The third truth is nestled safely in your HEART: Love wins. 

I am often speaking with clients about what they desire for their future and they wonder how to get there or how to know what their highest purpose is. My advice is always to tap into your heart’s wisdom. “What do you want?”

What lights you up, what creates a spontaneous combustion of joy and enthusiasm, is your purpose. Joy is what is programmed into the blueprint of your human existence to guide you along your highest path. Does something feel so good, so right, so exciting? Follow that.

We have often been encouraged to set aside this heart wisdom in place of finding security or being practical. Life can’t possibly be that fun or that easy? Right? Are you sure?

Your heart holds within it the guidance that you are intended to use to steer your mind and your words towards the fruition of your deepest desires. You can’t ask yourself too much right now, “What do I really, really, really want?” And then go underneath that, “Why do I want that? How will it make me feel?” Then, ask yourself, “What are all the ways I can experience this, feel this?” Often we have visions of living our dreams and serving the masses, without experiencing living your dream that is available for you today or serving those handful of people around you.

Follow your heart, speak your desires out loud, and then focus on all the ways you can take steps in this very moment to get closer to your dream come true.

Whitney Freya is an expert in Inspired Living, providing practical tools & practices that free your mind from limitations and scarcity to create more in your life that lights you up from the inside out. You can follow her on Instagram @WhitneyFreya and buy her newest book, 30 Days to Unstoppable, Be the Dream Made Visible on Amazon.com



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