3 Types of Events for Custom Cardboard Cutouts

Planning and hosting an event can be an extremely stressful process to deal with. Not only do you need to deal with finding a venue, and inviting guests, but you also have to decorate the event as well. Coming up with the right decorations is extremely important, as your decorations will really set the mood and atmosphere of an event. One unique way to decorate your event is by using custom life size cutouts, something that can add some fun flair to your event. However, custom cardboard cutouts aren’t a fit for every event, as there are only a couple of places where they can actually fit in effectively. So what are the best events for custom cardboard cutouts? Here are three types of events that custom cardboard cutouts can really shine in.


Perhaps the best place to use a cardboard cutout for decoration is for a party. Parties can be extremely dynamic, altering widely based on who the party is for and who is planning it. As a result, just about any decoration can be viable as long as it is used correctly. For example, a child’s birthday might be superhero-themed. As a result, custom life-size cutouts of the child’s favorite superheroes would be the perfect decoration and wouldn’t be out of place at all. An example of a more mature party could be a wedding party. Life-size cutouts of the bride and groom could be a great way to honor their love and celebrate their special day. If you’re planning a party, there’s a strong chance that you’ll be able to use life-size cutouts as a decoration piece.

Political Fundraisers

One of the best uses of custom cardboard cutouts are political fundraisers. Cutouts can be a fantastic way to advertise a candidate, adding some fun and flavor to the event. Photo opportunities with a life-size cutout of a political candidate can be a fantastic way to allow guests to have some fun and be a little unique. One of the more interesting things you can do is create a headless cutout that people can stand behind and create an absolutely hilarious photo. Political events like fundraisers aren’t always the most fun and exciting events, but bringing in something like custom cardboard cutouts into the fold could add a little bit of fun into what is otherwise a not so exciting event.

Sporting Events

Another place where custom cardboard cutouts can really shine in is sporting events. If you’ve ever been to a game or have watched a live sporting event on T.V, then you likely have seen the massive cutout heads that fans wave around. These cutouts are meant to be a supportive sign, as a fan can wave their favorite player’s cutout as a sign of support and admiration. In fact, specific player fan groups have started to pop up, using these cutout heads to turn entire seating sections into player-specific fan clubs. While the local sporting event you’re planning likely won’t have as many people, you can still use cardboard cutouts to emulate the sentiment. Full life-size cutouts can also be fantastic at sporting events, allowing young fans to get photos with their favorite athletes, even if they’re not lucky enough to meet them in person. You’ll likely find cardboard cutouts all over big sporting events, making these types of events the perfect place for a custom cardboard cutout.

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