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3 Ways To Better Regulate The Temperature Of Your Home This Summer

For many of us the warm summer months mean outdoor entertaining, day trips to the nearest beach and a spot of sunbathing. However, there are always times when we require rest bite from the harsh summer sun and retreat indoors for a break from high temperatures. But what if your home isn’t providing the cool atmosphere you desire? Often turning on the air-conditioning unit seems like the only way to regulate the temperature inside the home but solution can come back to haunt you when you receive an expensive energy bill.

Constant use of air conditioning units during the summer months is not only expensive but it also greatly contributes to global warming. There are a number of other options that could help you better regulate the temperature inside your home that are better for the environment whilst also saving you money down the line.

Below are 3 things you could do to keep your home cool and comfortable this summer:

1. Install Outdoor Blinds

It’s no secret that windows play a huge role in the amount of heat that enters your home throughout the summer months. The size and position of your windows will dictate the amount of sunlight (and therefore the amount of heat) that enters your rooms. One way to reduce the amount of heat entering your home via your windows is to install exterior blinds or awnings. There are a number of companies that install outdoor blinds Melbourne for this exact reason. External blinds are extremely effective at keeping interior temperatures to a minimum. Shading your windows from the outside is also much more cost effective than running your air conditioning unit or interior ceiling fans. When considering installing exterior blinds or awnings keep in mind which way your windows face. North-facing windows tend to get more sun exposure than south-facing windows and would therefore benefit more from external shading solutions.

2. Draft proof your home
Heat can also enter your home via gaps and unwanted draughts. Draught proofing your home prior to the warm summer months could greatly reduce the amount of warm air which may be entering your home via doors, windows, cracks and crevices. Blocking unwanted draughts will also stop cool air that may be generated from your air conditioning unit from leaving your home, which in turn will help keep energy costs down. Key areas of your home which may benefit from draught proofing may be around windows, doors, fireplaces, chimneys, floorboards, architraves and skirting boards or around fittings and fixtures such as ceiling or exhaust fans.


3. Clever use of Landscaping
One of the most environmentally friendly ways to better regulate heat inside your home throughout summer would be clever use of landscaping. In the same way that exterior blinds protect your home from the harsh elements so too can well positioned greenery. Thoughtful selection and positioning of trees, plants and shrubbery can not only provide some much needed shade but also block hot winds. Tall, hardy trees such as palms will provide a shady canopy and therefore reduce the amount of sunlight that could be heating north-facing windows. Smaller shrubs and bushes could also be used to shade windows and walls that don’t receive as much sun throughout the day. When choosing the ideal greenery to shield your home from the elements be sure to check the plants will thrive in the environment you intend to plant them. The great thing about this heat regulator is that it is completely natural and will benefit the environment whilst being highly cost effective.

Hopefully the above points have given you some inspiration on how to keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long. Although the use of air conditioners and interior fans can sometimes be unavoided, more passive techniques like the ones mentioned above can be an excellent alternative.

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