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4 Benefits of Using a Portable Ultrasound Machine

Ultrasound machines are utilized to produce or create pictures of the interior structures of an individual’s body. Sonography or ultrasound works by using waves of sound from a transducer device that echoes off soft tissues in the individual’s body to produce an image with the shape, size, and consistency of the structures being evaluated.

Uses Of Ultrasound Machines

Ultrasound machines are helpful when providing guidance to physicians while they are performing biopsies, identifying damage that has been inflicted on the heart following a myocardial infarction, examining an unborn baby, and diagnosing conditions of the heart. Ultrasounds may also be used to examine other organs for evaluation and or diagnosis such as the kidneys, thyroid gland, liver, spleen, gallbladder, eyes, bladder, pancreas, and pelvic organs. Blood vessels and the flow of blood through the blood vessels can be seen with the use of an ultrasound.

Ultrasound is able to detect problems with soft tissue in the body that a standard x-ray cannot. Additionally, ultrasounds are painless for the patient and do not necessitate any injections, infusions, incisions, or needles of any sort. Ultrasound machines are not suitable for forming images of parts of an individual’s body that contain gas or air like the bowel and very dense tissues like bone. There are also therapeutic applications of ultrasound machines that are mostly used in the treatment of soft tissue injuries.

Why Portable Ultrasound machines Are Necessary

Before the introduction of portable ultrasounds, patients would have to wait for the availability of an imaging room in a medical facility in order to have their ultrasound performed. This process involves extra personnel to transfer patients to and from the room that contains the ultrasound machine. This process presents a challenge when the facility has a high volume of patients. Because the budget of many medical facilities does leave room for the purchase of multiple console ultrasound machines and extra transport staff, patients can experience long wait times to get an ultrasound and receive the results of their test.

Portable ultrasound machines make it possible to take the ultrasound technology directly to the patient, which effectively reduces traffic in the facility. Patients with certain circumstances are also harder to transport than others, such as neonates and individuals who are physically impaired. Some patients have to wear required medical equipment that takes time to remove for the purpose of transport and then replacement once the patient is back in their room. Instead of needing more staff to transport individual patients, only enough staff is needed to transport the ultrasound machine from one patient to the next.

4 Benefits Of Portable Ultrasonography

  1. Portable ultrasounds are noninvasive, do not use radiation, and are a safe way to produce imaging of the inside of an individual’s body.
  2. Portable Sonography machines can help reduce traffic in a medical facility and can be used efficiently during times of high patient volume.
  3. Portable Ultrasound machines allow patients to be more involved in the testing and diagnostic process, leading to better responses to treatment options.
  4. Portable ultrasound machines offer a faster alternative to console ultrasound machines, requiring less time and staff that is needed for patient transport.

The Accuracy Of A Portable Ultrasound Machine vs. Console Units

Portable ultrasound machines are able to provide the same degree of advanced technology as original console ultrasound units. Three-dimensional and four-dimensional technology is built into portable ultrasound machines along with the same upgraded ergonomics, higher resolution, and larger display screens as the original console machines. The accuracy of a diagnosis that involves the use of ultrasound machines depends on the skill of the technician who is operating the machine and the expertise of the physician who evaluates the test.

Portable ultrasound machines provide numerous benefits for both the patients and the medical facilities that utilize them. The mobility of these portable ultrasound machines helps remove the stresses that are involved with the patient transport process and long wait times. Portable ultrasound machines help lower the rate of inaccurate diagnosis due to the reluctance of an individual’s physician to wait for them to have an ultrasound. Improving outcomes for all parties that are involved, portable ultrasound machines are a critical asset in the medical industry.

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