Woodworking is a fantastic skill to develop, and once you’ve got the basics, it’s a skill you’ll retain for life. Woodworking was first introduced to most of us at school, but it is usually a little later in our lives that it becomes a real passion.

Winston Churchill built walls to deal with his stress; some of us turn to woodwork.

You need to make sure you have the right Woodworking Tools to embark upon any woodwork project, but once you have them and can master the basics, there’s no telling what you can do.

A lot of woodwork plans are free online, which allows you to adapt designs as you’re still getting to grips with woodworking.

A capacity for woodwork allows you to make furniture at a fraction of the cost you would buy it in stores. More than that, this furniture can be personalised and adapted to make truly unique pieces for your home in a style you favour. Even better than that, there’s nothing like the feeling you get when a project you’ve embarked on is finished- with fantastic results!

Here we give you some ideas for a range of different woodwork projects, to add some WOW to your home.

  1. A Homemade Bookcase

There may be one Billy bookcase per every one hundred people internationally, but it’s been a long time now since someone looked at the flatpack bookcase and went… Wow.

That’s not the case with a unique wooden bookcase. An impressive bookcase still attracts compliments- and even a little envy- from your guests.

You can cater the size requirements perfectly to your home, so there will be no odd gaps, as there often are with a store-bought bookcase.

More than that, when you pick your wood, you can choose materials that really chime with everything else in your home- or pick one material for all your projects, for perfect synchronicity.

You can choose the shelf-heights yourself too, so if your bookcase needs to fit huge art books, you can guarantee it will. If your bookcase is more ornamental, you can make sure it fits that big heirloom you want in pride of place. The benefits of personalisation are endless!

  1. An ‘Antique’ Trunk

You’ve got to love the versatility of a trunk. A toybox, a towel holder, a coffee table, somewhere to keep your records… The possibilities are almost endless.

One thing is for certain: no matter how big your home is, most of us seem to lack adequate storage space, and a trunk is a fantastic way to fix this.

Once you’ve finished your ‘antique’ trunk, not only have you created an impressive feature piece in any room, but you’ve also gained some much-needed storage space.

More room in the house, with a touch of class? Count me in.

  1. Get Creative with Feature Pieces: A Vase, A Bowl, A Rack….

These pieces may be smaller than some of the others in the list- but that doesn’t mean they’re not mighty.

Wooden features add a definite touch of elegance to any room. Take for example, the kitchen. A lot of kitchens look blandly utilitarian. They are a very functional space- they have to be- but this can often mean they suffer from a loss of personality.

A fruit bowl is one of the most overlooked, but perhaps most charming features of a kitchen. A smooth homemade and home carved bowl adds rustic warmth, whereas fruit gives a much-needed pop of colour. The same applies to a spice rack; we spend a lot of times in our kitchens, so it’s nice to be comforted by colours and warmth when we’re in there.

Wooden vases look so charming when filled with bright flowers- carve one and put it in your living space to give it a real POP!

  1. A Garden Bench

Most of us love to enjoy the garden when the sun is out, so why not make a garden bench?

Traditional garden benches may seem old hat these days, but there’s plentiful designs that modernise the humble bench.

A bench will allow your parents to sit in comfort in the garden while they watch the kids play; it becomes a place of reflection and enjoyment for the whole family.

While it adds individuality to your garden, you create a feature piece that will help your family make memories.

Happy woodworking!


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