4 Gift Ideas for Every Milestone Birthday

If we’re lucky, most of us will celebrate countless milestone birthdays throughout our lives. And while turning the age of 16, 18 and 21 undoubtedly calls for a landmark celebration, getting up there in years at age 40, 50, 60 and 70 will feel even more special.

Conversely, when your friends or loved ones are celebrating these big birthdays, choosing the right gift to mark the occasion can feel overwhelming. Looking for the perfect gift ideas? Keep reading for a few ideas.

Capture the Little Moments

Life’s grand celebrations tend to make us reflect on our past and everything we have experienced over the years. This is especially true of milestone birthdays. If you know an upcoming birthday will have your friend or family member reminiscing about the good old days, one great milestone birthday gift idea is a framed photo collage.

Fill your collage with photos from just the past decade, or even photos of the two of you or a group of friends together in different moments throughout your lives. Not only will this well-thought-out gift make for a wonderful, meaningful keepsake, but it will also help make their birthday even more special as you look over the photos and recall all those wonderful memories made together.

Create a New Heirloom

For special birthday milestone occasions of your closest loved ones, an heirloom-quality piece of jewelry or glassware is another great choice. You can choose any kind of jewelry or glassware, from necklaces with her birthstone to a set of crystal glasses perfect for his favorite drink. Each time the recipient wears or uses this special gift, they’ll be reminded of that special moment in their lives. These are also wonderful items for passing on to children and grandchildren, along with the stories of when they were gifted and who they were from.

Use a Little Creative Wordplay

Conversely, when you’re gift shopping for coworkers, friends, neighbors, or more distant family members, a grandiose and more personal gift might not be the best choice. One great alternative is to pick out something fun and creative that’s certain to put a smile on the birthday boy or girl’s face.

Get creative with some wordplay or choose small, fun gifts that can be adapted for almost any big occasion and recipient. A few ideas include a:

  • Bottle of bourbon, whiskey, scotch or wine, with a gift tag that reads “aged to perfection”
  • A box full of candy from the decade in which the birthday boy or girl was born
  • A “survival kit” for their milestone birthday, with creative contents and labels for each, like candy to make their birthday sweet, paper clips to help them “hold everything together,” and balloons to help them celebrate. If you know the recipient has a good sense of humor, especially about getting older, include funny items like denture cream or pudding with a label that says, “to help you get used to soft foods.”

New Hobby Inspiration

Sometimes milestone birthdays can come with a bit of self-reflection about turning yet another year older. If you know this birthday will come with a little sadness or be especially tough for your friend or loved one, help them stay positive and get them excited for the next chapter of their lives with a little inspiration to take up a new hobby.

From cooking classes to a pottery wheel to a subscription box for gardening, helping friends and loved ones discover and try something new might just be the spark they need to get excited for the year ahead.

Choosing the Perfect Milestone Birthdays

Whether you’re looking for a special, meaningful gift like a photo collage or an heirloom, or something simple and fun like a survival kit or a new hobby subscription box, these gift ideas are certain to be a hit for any milestone birthday.

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