4 Healthy Ways to Bulk Up

Usually when the words ‘health’ and ‘bulk up’ coexist in the same sentence, ‘effort’ is not that far away. With that being said, to bulk up healthily doesn’t mean you must forego the supplements and rely solely on brute force and raw tactics. Still, these kind of tactics makes up most of the journey, and in case you were wondering how such a feat can be achieved, here are 4 ways you should know about to help you on your way.

1. Eat 5-6 meals a day

What you’re looking to do is keep up the levels of amino acids by regularly fuelling up the tank. By eating 5-6 meals a day, you’ll be providing your body with a good and constant supply of amino acids that will help your muscles to build and repair with ease. Now, whether you’re doing 5-6 smaller meals or just 5-6 meals, what’s important is that you keep fuelling.

It would be best if you add carbohydrates to each one of these meals. Especially since carbs are absolutely necessary for stimulating your muscle growth. Complex carbs are more efficient, and so it’s better you go for one. Proteins must also be included with every meal you have, seeing that they’re what gives your body the amino acids. You should mind your eating and make sure you’re choosing healthy options like lean protein, whole grain foods and everything else.

2. Legal steroids

If you’re wondering how this made it on the list of healthy ways to bulk up, then you should know that there are legal alternatives to steroids that, according to the bodybuilding experts at Crazy Bulk, are without health risks. This is due to the fact that they’re made out of natural ingredients, which means they come without any side effects. Their ingredients make them for a highly effective steroid that helps in bulking up during a shorter time.

3. Workout

Draw up a workout plan that is specific to bulking up. With a higher number of reps, lower number of sets and heavy weights, you’ll just need to make sure that you’re lifting is slow and controlled so that you can tense your muscles long enough to be encouraging muscle growth.

It’s advised that, when in between sets, you should rest anywhere between 1-3 minutes. This should allow your body to fully recover before it’s time for the next set. A simple process that will have you bulking up in no time.

4. Sleep

An essential part of bulking up is resting since it’s the only way you can encourage muscle repair and actual growth of the muscles. It is for that reason, you should rest well everyday, preferably get your 8 hours of sleep. What you should also be doing is resting your trained muscles for at least 48 hours, which will help in having it recover properly and faster.

Hard work and rest are two sides of the same coin, but hard work is not only limited to your training, but to your eating as well. You must make sure you’re getting enough calories otherwise it’ll be a lot harder to put on weight. But that can always be fixed with the help of some legal steroids.

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