4 Keys to Stop Worrying

Whilst sitting under an apple tree, upon seeing a falling apple, the renowned physicist Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity.

Newton’s mindset was the opposite to worry: in fact, he “was in contemplative mood.”*

History repeatedly proves to us that when problem-solving—people are most creative, innovative, resourceful, and able to find remedies and groundbreaking inventions—when relaxed and in a peaceful, meditative frame of mind.

Despite that one only needs to look at their life to acknowledge that worrying is a waste of precious energy, nonetheless you probably still habitually worry.

The irony is that we deceive ourselves by believing that worrying will bring a resolution to a perceived problem and thereby peace of mind.

However, when you worry—what you were trying to avoid happens—answers elude you and you perpetuate uncertainty and stress.

When Newton had his astonishing breakthrough, he was relaxing under the shady canopy of an apple tree amongst resplendent nature. He was not over-caffeinated and pacing back and forth in a boardroom or madly shuffling through reams of papers on a cluttered office desk.

Here are 4 keys to stop worrying:

  1. Worry signals fear of change: You may interpret change as bad—actually it is neither good nor bad—it is just change. If you resist, rather than accept the changes happening in your life, you create the emotionally painful feeling of struggle. There is no punishment in an ending, and a completion ushers in a fresh beginning. The power of change brings the opportunity of transformation so you can let go of what is outdated in your life and is no longer serving you. This results in you experiencing an improved positive way at looking at yourself, your life, or a novel way of doing things in your life. Alternatively, it might not only be an adjustment, but a completely new change, such as something, or someone.
  2. Inspiration arrives from outside the scope of thought: Inspired solutions present themselves through the muse of relaxing. In place of exhausting worry choose to be revitalized through self-care. You must take care of yourself—your mind needs rest and quiet to find clarity and obtain wisdom—find ways to relax so you can feel inner peace and flourish. For example, being near sources of water recharges people, whether it’s a walk on the beach by the ocean, lakeside hike, or sitting on a park bench by a fountain.
  3. Peaceful makes perfect: When faced with a challenging situation, sadly, many people are conditioned to expect problems and conflicts. This stance makes them defensive and then in an aggressive, reactive mode they make imprudent decisions. When you are coolheaded, you behave in an adaptable manner and can more easily navigate challenges with self-control. This empowering shift helps you respond calmly to know if action or inaction is needed for optimal results.
  4. Trust the process: Open-heartedness and a celebration of the great mystery of life frees you to realize that even if you can’t see your bright future in the making, there is much going on behind the scenes with the benevolent Universe operating on your behalf. With cheerful optimism you co-create your beautiful life seeing what you want to change with anticipation and a curiosity and willingness to explore what is, and what might be. When you surrender to the magical journey of life you cease obsessing and stop the vicious cycle of worry.

When you are seeking answers, know that you already have all the answers within you, to illuminate them use the light of prayer and meditation, because the darkness of worry is altogether ineffective and has a negative effect on the quality of your life.

So, from this moment on, no worries!

*Source: “Newton’s Apple: The Real Story” Culture Lab NewScientist.com January 18, 2010.

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