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4 Steps to Preventing Poor Air Quality in Your Home

Those that have certain respiratory problems, chronic lung disease or suffer from sleep apnea might not need an introduction. The importance of quality air in your home is more than evident.

However, some won’t bother realizing the importance until the problem gets worse. Hopefully, this will get you to consider the habit of cleaning the air just as you would clean your house. If nothing else, the bad smell can be a sufficient reason for you to start noticing the air quality, as it can be a powerful indicator that your household might be suffering.

Prevent poor air quality in your home

1. Clear Your Furnace

If you have an HVAC system installed, you should check the ducts for any of the reasons that might be causing poor air quality in your home. Troubles may occur with dead animals being stuck in the duct or with furnace part failures.

There are reasons harder to detect, such as mildew being nested in or dust that’s settled down. And apart from polluting the air, this leads to multiple problems, such as clogging your filter thus overheating your furnace, creating bigger energy expenses and higher bills.

Not all furnace work requires professional help, here’s what you can do to deal with your furnace yourself. Some of the troubles might be easily manageable.

2. Change Your Air Filters Regularly

It is important that you suppress mould and other harmful or filter-clogging residues such as dust mites, dander, pollen and so on. These are likely to cause similar troubles, preventing your A/C system from working properly to recycling the already polluted air, drawing more energy, higher bills, overheating or freezing up.

What’s more concerning is the health issue. Even if you don’t have severe allergies, these pollutants not only smell bad but harm your lungs and can even cause sleep apnea.

Be sure to change your filters depending on the type of filter your A/C system uses. Fiberglass filters are the cheapest and have a low MERV rating,  thus having to be changed once every month to two months. Consider however changing to HEPA filters, as they have the highest MERV rating and can help with chronic lung diseases.

3. Stabilize Room Temperature and Humidity

It gets tricky with regulating humidity as too much of one thing can lead to trouble so you have to keep it balanced. On the one hand, too much humidity causes bacteria to grow when accumulated dust absorbs the humidity in the air. On the other hand too much of the dry air and dust particles can float around more easily.

Depending on the humidity levels in your home, you should get humidifiers or dehumidifiers and maintain humidity at about 40%. However, find help for mould removal if the mould problem still persists.

4. Declutter And Dust Off The Space

Since dust goes hand in hand with the formation of various bacteria, bad smell, and respiratory problems, this is a simple, yet powerful advice. Declutter your house. The less clutter and redundant furniture you have the less dust accumulates.

It is easier to clean and dust off a room with a minimalist interior. This will get you to clean it on regular bases as well, as you’ll get used to living in clear space. Clutter leads to more clutter, as with time it gets harder and harder to recognize and manage it, while cleanliness strives for more cleanliness and the following mental clarity.

Cleanliness strives for cleanliness

There are plenty of other reasons to invest in clear air other than health benefits and energy savings. Once you get used to having it fresh and clear, it will change your mindset as well.

Smell can impact your mood greatly, especially if you’ve become desensitized. Mental suffocating is as real, so in the end, be mindful of the air quality as it may ease your mind and boost your mood in the long run.

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