4 Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner Clean

There are not too many household chores that are going to pay off like scheduling regular, professional AC maintenance. By having a plan, a homeowner can avoid expensive breakdowns and save money on their energy costs.

While it is a good idea to call the professionals at Aquarius Home Services for help with this maintenance, there are some things that homeowners can do on their own to keep their units clean and running efficiently, too. Learning what these things are is the best way to avoid issues now or in the future. Some tips to help keep any unit clean and running efficiently can be found below.

1. Turn Off the Power and Open the Unit

All air conditioners have quite a few moving parts. That means that safety is a top priority. Make sure to turn the power going to the unit off at the home’s main breaker box. While this may mean the house does not have lights either, it is worth it to be safe. If the indoor unit is in a dark area of the house, such as the attic, make sure to set up plenty of lighting to see what is going on.

Once the power is off, be sure to open up the unit. The blower unit will have a door that leads to the system’s evaporator coil. While it depends on the unit, it may be necessary to remove the foil duct tape. There may also be several screws or bolts that hold the door in the proper position.

2. Clean the Unit’s Evaporator Coils

Use a soft brush to effectively remove all of the dust from the coil. The dust will include any particulates that populate the interior of the home. Some examples of what may be accumulated include pollen, skin cells, pet dander, and more. If a person is susceptible to allergy attacks, it may be a good idea to put a mask on.

The very best cleaning solution to use for this part of the cleaning process is something that can be applied but doesn’t need to be rinsed. These types of sprays will usually foam and then drip into the drain pan of the unit.

3. Clean Out the Drain Pan

After the coil cleaner is done working, it is essential to empty and clean the drain pan. Hot water and soap are a good way to do this. For sanitization, consider using bleach. It is a good idea to create a 50/50 mixture that consists of water and bleach. Pour this solution into the drain to ensure it remains clear.

4. Clean Out the AC Drain

If the water and bleach mix washes through the drain, this step can be skipped. However, if the flushing process is sluggish or non-existent, then the drain may be clogged. If proper maintenance and cleaning are not done, mold or algae may begin to build up in the unit’s drain. Be sure to check for this and fix it if the issue is present.

Remember, homeowners, don’t have to handle this cleaning process on their own. There are professional service providers who can help. Be sure to keep this in mind and hire the experts for assistance when the time comes. Doing so will ensure a properly operating unit.

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