4 Ways Alcoholism Affects Your Loved Ones

We live in a time where binge eating and drinking are two of the worst habits that have increased exponentially. We all know of someone who is suffering from alcoholism in some way or the other. Alcoholism is toxic because it has some serious health effects. It doesn’t just affect the victim but is equally toxic from the entire family. This is because they are the ones who are at the receiving end of the massive damage caused by this problem. Alcoholism is dangerous because it claims the lives of millions of people every year. Here, in this feature, we will guide you through a few ways, alcoholism affects the family:

  1. Missed Engagements

If you know someone who is an alcoholic in the family, you must know what it feels like when you’re not able to connect with that person. Whether it’s a family dinner or a summer vacation, an alcoholic will not feel the need to be with his/her family. Alcoholics develop a tendency that they can easily cut off from social circles and enjoy a world of their own. Furthermore, the shaming associated with this problem is enough reason for them to not socialize with their loved ones. Even though your dad promised to be around for your brother’s birthday by 7 pm but came three hours later.

  1. Emotional Hostages

Although, every alcoholic starts enjoying the first few moments of drinking and might begin as the life of the party. However, as time goes on, the same person might start offending everyone around by talking inappropriate stuff and by showing rude behavior. This is when a lot of people start getting angry and want to exit the party as soon as they can. Similarly, when a family member approaches, an alcoholic has no idea about what to say, and the other person can’t even turn hostile. In turn, loved ones become slaves of their alcoholic friends and family members.

  1. Financial Burdens

Not to forget, alcohol is expensive and can take a big toll on your finances. Especially when there are not enough working people in the family, it becomes difficult for families to manage enough money to run the day to day expenditures. People who engage in binge drinking need alcohol wherever they go. This way, they don’t just become a problem for themselves but also become a hefty burden for their families. Alcoholism is a family disease that can easily destroy relations and make loved ones fall apart within a short period. Furthermore, alcoholics are often sacked from jobs because companies don’t allow alcoholics to be a part of their workforce.

  1. Stress

This is one of the side effects of this problem. An alcoholic engages in stress that might transition into depression anytime. Stress due to alcoholism is a strong reason why a lot of couples split every year. People who suffer from this problem start suffering from stress and isolate themselves. On the other hand, the family has to take a lot of stress on account of the person’s health. All of this has a strong impact on the children who blame their parents and don’t perform well in school.