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4 Ways to Turn Back the Clock on Your Face (Look Years Younger)

There was a time when we (as teenagers), really wanted to age and become independent enough to take time by the horns. However, since time is flying by, we forget to sniff the flowers and live in the moment during our most fun, youthful looking and stress-free times.

And we foolishly believe that we will have that fresh, youthful look forever.

Then, one day, we wake to the fact that we are aging.  It is time to acknowledge the time, and that can be done only if we take care and treat ourselves to the beauties of life.

Mentioned below are four ways to turn back the clock on your face and look and feel years younger.

Go Green and Organic

Aging surely opens a can of worms.

You realize you’re not only prone to age-related cardiovascular or degenerative diseases, but you also tire and are exhausted easily. To prevent yourself from breaking down early, try making some conscious changes in your dietary habits.

Try convincing yourself to go green and organic for at least two or three days a week. Slowly and gradually, you can channel this habit into your daily routine bringing positive effects.

For starters, drink a green smoothie once a week to boost the health of your gut. Green and organic vegetables will also help to tone down inflammation and enrich your body with antioxidants and fiber to aid in digestion.

Try to curb down your lifestyle a bit too. If you smoke or have a meat-centric diet, then perhaps it’s time to cut both of them out of your daily ritual. Latch onto some delicious and creamy Greek yoghurt to give your gut the digestive boost it lacks.

Avoid processed sugars by adding fruit to your diet.


Exercise is perhaps one of the most vital components of your life while growing up.

To expel toxins out of your body, indulge in brisk walks after waking up. If the weather is chilly and breezy, taking a walk might not seem like a chore, and soon, you’ll be expelling those toxins in no time. Try to indulge in strength training by working out at the gym at least twice a week.

Go slowly, and build up your stamina with commitment and precision.

Take Care of Your Skin

Adhering to skin-care regimens seemed a bit pricey back in those days.

However, it is never too late to use vitamin supplements and skin-care regimens to bring back the glow of your skin. Antioxidants are harmful to your skin in such a way that they not only break down cells but also produce changes in the DNA.

An anti-oxidant serum with a moisturising cream containing hyaluronic acid might help to plump and remove the lines in your skin as well. Anti-aging treatments help to remove lines and wrinkles in the skin as well, thus causing it to glow, and look plumper and less parched as well.

Using a broad spectrum sunscreen also helps to keep the ultraviolet rays from damaging your skin.

Engage in Life

This might seem more like an advice, but studies have shown that strong connections with friends help to fight all odds and increase your chances of survival by 50%.

It is very important that you establish connections with people you enjoy spending time with. It is also essential to partake in activities that give you a sense of accomplishment, and make you feel useful and wanted as well.

Turn back the clock and fight for your glory before time flies by and all you’re left with is a stale, old, rusty coffin.

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