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5 Beautiful Fireplace Styles for Any Home

If you live in an area that experiences cooler weather, a fireplace is a wonderful thing. It provides extra heat, makes a home feel especially cozy, and gives a little extra character to the room. The best part is that adding one to or updating one in your house doesn’t have to be a major project. It depends on what you want.

With all the technology we have at our disposal, a fireplace doesn’t have to be literal anymore. Sure, traditional fireplaces have a special charm, but you can find some amazing options among the best electric fireplaces available. Some other popular types are gas, gel, and ethanol. Each has its own benefits.

Here is a little bit more about the different types.

  1. Wood-Burning 

The wood-burning models are classic fireplaces. Most homes that have this type were built with one installed and a chimney to match. After all, the smoke from wood-burning has to go somewhere. If you want the warmth, classic crackling sounds, and the charm of a wood-burning fireplace, it makes a lovely focal point in any home.

However, wood-burning fireplaces do have some drawbacks. They are hard to install and can be costly to maintain. You must clean it frequently and stock up on wood for burning. Still, the charm and comfort of one cannot be understated.

  1. Electric

Electric fireplaces are swiftly becoming the most popular model. For those serious about their choice, an electric infrared fireplace is a bold and effective choice. It heats a bit better than the typical electric models but with the same simple appearance. To create heat, the inside is filled with coils that heat and spread the warmth throughout the home with fans. To achieve the right “look”, they have a screen that displays a crackling fire, and sometimes even a fake log that crackles.

Electric fireplaces are safer, cost-effective, and very easy to use and install. It’s clear why society nowadays favors this type over others. Even if there is something to be said for a good old brick chimney.

  1. Gas

Gas styles are like wood burning fires in some respects. They do create a real fire, so ventilation is important. However, unlike their traditional counterpart, many modern versions feature a pipe so you can easily route the smoke elsewhere instead of needing a chimney. Although there is nothing wrong with a chimney. It makes installation a bit easier, though.

Gas fireplaces do require either liquid propane or natural gas. The former means purchasing propane regularly to keep the fire going, and the latter connects to existing gas lines.

  1. Gel

Gel fireplaces are typically smaller and more versatile than the other types. They rarely have the same classic “feeling” as a wood-burning fireplace or the like. However, they use small cans of gel that burn and provide heat. Most gel models are self-containing and require no venting. A lot of people see this as a big advantage.

The biggest downside is that their size makes their heat output minimal. Still, the flexibility may be worth it if you don’t live in the snow.

  1. Ethanol

Like gel, ethanol fireplaces are versatile and compact. Also, like gel, they produce less heat. However, this self-contained style requires no ventilation and has a bit more affordable fuel source. There’s also plenty of styles, and the burners are usually larger than gel. They’re a bit more cost-effective – but only a little.


You don’t need a chimney to have a fireplace. With all the new models on the market, anyone can have a cozy fireplace to keep them warm and happy during the cool nights.

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