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5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Body Confidence

Body confidence is one of those things that we often praise and admire in others, but it feels like it’s impossible to achieve ourselves.

No matter who you are, the life you lead, and what your body looks like, we all suffer from image hang-ups and self-consciousness.

But although it may feel difficult to do, boosting your body confidence is absolutely possible. And while we can’t give you the ultimate answer to gaining a fulfilled approach to self-acceptance and loving your body, we can give you five easy ways to boost your body confidence. Read on for a helping hand.

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1.   Treat yourself as you would treat others

When our body confidence feels low, we can often end up spiraling into a negative thought pattern, looking at ourselves in the mirror, pointing out flaws and exaggerating them until they feel huge.

But would you ever even dream of talking to someone that way you talk to yourself? Of course, the answer is no: you wouldn’t think these thoughts about anyone else around you. You wouldn’t even think that about a stranger on the stranger, or someone you don’t like. So why are we so cruel to ourselves when it comes to our bodies?

It’s time to switch to being kind and gentle to yourself; treat yourself like you would a friend. Compliment yourself in the mirror; be patient and compassionate. Point out your positive attributes in the same way that you would to someone you love. This may take time to achieve, but by actively practicing this positivity, you’ll find it gradually becomes part of your mindset.

Simultaneously, try to spend time with people who treat you with kindness too, and have a positive influence on you and how you perceive your body.

2.   Build your body confidence with your clothes too

Although confidence is a mental thing, you’d be surprised how much of a difference what you wear can make to your body confidence.

Of course, what makes each person feel confident varies completely based on the individual, but a strong place to start is with decent, well-fitting underwear. For example, investing in a high-quality bra, like the WingWoman plunge bra from Knix, that will support you and help you to feel more comfortable. The end result is that your clothes look better, your posture improves, and your figure is flattered — all helping to improve your confidence.

As for the rest of your outfit, find a style that suits you, and makes you feel comfortable. It’s totally up to you what you go for, but our advice is to focus on the parts of your body that you do like.

Wear something that makes you feel like the goddess that you are — whether this means covering up, showing off your figure, or going for something that makes you feel feminine. Your confidence and comfort will shine though, and help you to feel more attractive.

3.   Reward your body by practicing self-care

Often, when we’re feeling self-conscious and unhappy about our body, we end up punishing it — by eating badly, skipping meals, avoiding friends, or directing negative thoughts at ourselves in the mirror.

Trade these negatives for positives by practicing self-care and being kind to yourself. Treat yourself to a soothing spa break, or do your own at home by running a relaxing bubble bath and lighting some candles. Read an inspiring book, meditate, pour yourself a glass of wine, or massage soothing essential oils into your skin. Eat something special, and savor the flavors.

Concentrating on yourself and what makes you and your body happy will encourage self-love and boost body confidence over time.

4.   Stop unhealthy comparisons

We often seek acceptance and validation from the people around us — whether from our friends, families, romantic partners or wider society as a whole.

It’s perfectly normal to do, but the issues come when you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others, and basing your self-worth on these comparisons. This is only going to have a detrimental effect on your body confidence; there’s always going to be someone who is slimmer than you, or more toned than you, or younger than you…

It’s time to stop these unhealthy habits. You are your own unique self, with some amazing qualities. A good place to start is by unfollowing social accounts that subject you to unrealistic, idealized images of women. They only serve to make you more miserable — constantly comparing yourself, feeling flawed, and triggering body anxieties.

Instead, why not try following some uplifting accounts that practice and promote body positivity and body neutrality? You’d be surprised how much these positive messages and good vibes filter through and impact your way of thinking — ultimately helping to boost your body confidence over time.

5.   Find a workout or sport that makes you happy

Exercise is proven to help us boost not only our physical health but also our mental health; improving our mood, reducing stress, and increasing body confidence.

But when it comes to exercise — especially living such hectic lives — we can often get trapped in a vicious cycle of guilt. We feel guilty because we go to the gym, or guilty because when we finally do go, we don’t do as well as we wanted because we haven’t been in ages… It’s all too easy to get frustrated or angry with ourselves.

And because we associate these negative feelings with working out, we end up avoiding it… and then the whole cycle repeats itself.

Finding a workout or sport that suits you and makes you happy is the answer — this way, you will look forward to doing it, and you’ll also feel a sense of pride and appreciation in what your body can do.

So if you love park runs, go and do that. Or, if the idea of running makes you feel anxious or brings up feelings of dread, take up something less intense like swimming,  or something fun and light like dancing instead. Getting into a fitness regime you feel passionate about will boost the happy chemicals in your body, improve your mood, and of course help you achieve any physical goals too!

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but these five easy ways to boost your body confidence are a great place to start. Follow this advice, and you’ll soon find that your mindset changes — and with it, comes self-acceptance and body confidence.

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