5 Easy Ways to Reignite Your Sex Life

Your libido naturally changes over time and throughout your life, often declining with age because of changing hormone levels. This can be a frustrating experience, however, and a lack of sex drive can even begin to cause problems in your long-term romantic relationships if you and your partner aren’t on the same page or at the same level of sex drive. Fear not, however. There are a number of ways to boost your libido, and a number of them consist of quite simple lifestyle changes that you can start implementing overnight. Here are 5 easy ways to reignite your sex life.

1: Review You Medication

As you get older, it becomes more common to be on medication for various aspects of your mental and physical health. Unfortunately, there are a number of medications that can negatively effect your sex drive, including anti-depressants and blood pressure medication. If you think that your medication is to blame for your lowered libido, it’s time to visit your doctor and talk about alternatives. While it is unlikely that you will be able to stop medication entirely, there are alternatives available for many medications. Adjusting medication doses and finding alternative medications that are effective but don’t impact your libido as much are two options if you find your libido suffering due to medication.

2: Experiment with Sex Toys and Lingerie

One reason why your sex drive may be decreasing is because your sex life is, well, boring. Spicing up your sex life is one possible way to get your body to take an interest in the bedroom again. Experimenting with women’s lingerie can increase your partner’s interest and make you feel more desired, while sex toys can both spice up your regular activities and add an extra element to self-pleasure. It’s been shown that people who indulge themselves in self-pleasure tend to have a higher libido, since sex is at the forefront of their minds. Sex should be fun, and lingerie and sex toys can help with that.

3: Keep an Eye on Your Health

In general, maintaining your overall health is important in almost all aspects of your life, and your sex drive is no different. Exercise, sleep, and nutrition are all aspects of your life you should examine if your libido is low and you’re wondering why. For example, leading an unfit lifestyle can lead to lethargy, which in turn leads to a lower sex drive, not to mention that being unhappy with your body can put you off from sex altogether. Exercise, sleep, and nutrition are the cornerstones of a healthy life in all aspects, and your sex life is no different.

4: Shake Up Your Routine

For many people, the repetitive routine of everyday life can put them in a rut that is difficult to get out of. This is especially true if you and your partner don’t have the time or energy to make time for each other anymore. It’s this monotony and tiredness that can put a damper on your sex life and your libido. There are a few ways that you can work to get your relationship out of a mind-numbing routine. Making time for romance is essential, so why not set aside a date night or a weekend per month to reignite the spark. Make an effort to not get stuck in a rut with your dates either – make an effort to surprise each other with both favorite activities that show how well you know one another and with brand new experiences that will bring surprise and excitement back into your lives. Make time for each other, and you may find your sex life improving naturally.

5: Find Ways to Destress

Even more than aging, medication, or time constraints, stress has been shown in study after study to be the main reason why a person’s libido might plummet. Our everyday lives are stressful, especially nowadays, and self-care and stress management are crucial to regaining control of your life and your libido. Find ways to destress that work for you, whether that’s meditating, working out, or watching a favorite movie with your partner and loved ones.

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