5 Essentials When Throwing a Hot Tub Party

Have you been eyeing a hot tub and thinking it would be an excellent addition to your back garden? Do you love the idea that you could retreat to it daily for a little relaxation and a way to ease those everyday aches and pains? While a hot tub can certainly do all that, it’s also the perfect ingredient for a hot tub party with friends or family. Outdoor entertaining takes on a whole new level of fun once you throw a hot tub into the mix.

So, if you’ve got big plans of purchasing a hot tub this year, we’ve gone ahead and put together five essentials that will help you throw the perfect hot tub party.

Make Sure the Hot Tub Accommodates the Guest List

First things first, if you truly want the party to take place in the hot tub, then you need to be sure that the tub is able to accommodate your guest list. Hot tubs are available in all different sizes from small tubs that fit just a couple of people, to large swim spas that can easily accommodate 10+. You don’t want to invite a dozen people over for a hot tub party when your hot tub only seats four people. Instead, spread out the gatherings and invite just a few people each time.

Provide Your Guests with Luxe Plush Towels

Rather than asking your guests to bring their own towels with them, you’ll want to pick up a set of luxe plush towels that you can give to them to use. It’s a nice added touch that will be greatly appreciated. If you find you’re entertaining a lot, then you may want a couple of sets so that you’ve always got some clean towels available.

As an added tip, it’s also a good idea to place some sort of towel rack or stand within reach of the hot tub so people aren’t scrambling to grab their towel as they get out.

Evening Hot Tub Parties Require Outdoor Lighting

If you plan on hosting hot tub parties in the evening, you’re going to need to think about your garden lightning. Ideally, you want to choose a variety of lights that highlight the features of the garden, decking/patio, and the hot tub, while still providing the functional benefits of lights.

How About the Ambiance?

While we’re on the topic of lighting, which helps to create ambiance, an outdoor sound system that you can have playing quietly in the background will also add to the overall effect.

Don’t Forget the Snacks and Beverages

And of course, no party is complete without a selection of snacks and beverages to serve your guests. If you have an outdoor kitchen then everything will be conveniently placed. If not, be sure to prepare as much as possible in advance so that you don’t have to keep stepping away from your guests.

You’ll also need some outdoor-friendly serving trays and platters, as well as dishes.

Once you get your hot tub installed and host that first party, just expect to become the new go-to person when it comes to hosting gatherings for friends and family!

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