5 Fun Things to Do on Your Next Date Night

It happens to a lot of couples: After you have been dating or married for a while your dates don’t tend to be that interesting anymore. Maybe you always find yourselves eating the same meals at the same restaurants, or maybe you have gone to the cinema to see the latest action flick one too many times. If this sounds like you, there is hope. Whether you are a couple who enjoys stoicism in relationships or one who loves to be the life of the party, here are five fun ideas you can use to make your next date night one that you will want to tell all your friends about, or even repeat the next time you have the chance to get out of the house.

Eat a Meal at a Fancy Restaurant

It might not sound that exciting, but there is something undeniably romantic about dressing up in your nicest clothes and enjoying dinner by candlelight in a high-end restaurant. Try to choose a place that has good ambiance: low lighting, nice music (live music is great), a delicious menu, and that is not too loud so that you can hear each other talk. If you don’t have a lot of experience dining at fine restaurants, don’t be intimidated. There are several videos and online resources that you can use to help you get the hang of it. And if you are not sure where to find a nice restaurant, websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp can help point you in the right direction. Just don’t forget to make a reservation, especially if you will be dining on a weekend.

Sign Up for a Wine Tasting

Wine tasting events can be a lot of fun. If you enjoy trying new wines, they can be a great way to taste several types of wine at once. If you are not sure if you like wine, wine tasting events can also be a good way to learn more about different kinds of wine, and discover what your personal likes and dislikes might be. Wine tastings are also fun because you get to experience them with other couples. If you have young children at home, spending an evening chatting with other adults can be very refreshing. Choosing one or two bottles of wine to take home is also a fun idea. You can drink them on a quiet evening and talk about how much fun you had on your last date.

Go to a Sports Game

We tend to think of sporting events as places where friends get together or parents take their kids for a night out, but they can also be great places for couples to go on dates. Whether you are going to see your favorite local baseball or hockey team play, or enjoy experiencing new and mysterious sports from around the world, the venues where games are played usually offer delicious drinks and snacks, fun souvenirs, and opportunities to see exciting action on the field and meet new people. Much of the time, sports venues still have tickets available on game days, so deciding that you want to go to a game at the last minute is often an option.

Plan a Board Game Night With Friends

Almost everyone loves playing board games, especially when they involve getting together with friends. Hosting a board game night is a good way to save money if you are on a budget, and can be fun and relaxing after a long week at work. Have your friends bring their favorite snacks and games to share with you and your date, and you can do the same. You can play games individually or as teams, and if you find that you get tired of one game after a while, you can easily switch to another one. Taking turns hosting game nights with other couples is a great way to make new friends and strengthen your bond as a couple.

Go For a Scenic Drive

No matter the time of year, there is probably an area near where you live that has great scenery and natural beauty, whether it is a sandy beach, snow capped mountains or rolling fields. A leisurely drive can present a great opportunity for couples to talk to one another. It can also be a fun way to discover new restaurants, roadside attractions, and other interesting things that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Make sure to bring a camera, or use your phone, to take photos of one another and the beautiful location you are visiting so you can look at them later and remember what a great time you had.

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