5 Gifts for the Smoking Couple that Cost Under $50

There are many couples who find that smoking together both intimate and relaxing. These small gifts can help improve your partner’s experience and make every hit a bit better than the last. There is no shortage of weed accessories out there, these suggestions are for you. Buy one as a small token of appreciation, or pair them with other gifts during the holidays or other special occasions. All of them are versatile and great for sharing.

“Bong Appétit” by the Editors of Munchies – $27.99

The day when pot brownies were the only way to enjoy your cannabis is now long gone. This artful and enticing cookbook features a host of recipes that will transform your next at-home dinner. Cooking together is a great way to come closer as a couple, and this book will help introduce both of you to the culinary world of cannabis-infused recipes.

The Hemper Box – $29.99 per month

This smoker’s subscription box delivers a variety of hand-picked accessories each month, including a glass piece. Bongs, pipes, dab rigs, rolling paper and other items from collaborators make it a diverse and exciting gift that keeps on giving. Everyone likes to smoke in their own way, and the Hemper Box makes it possible for you to let your recipient customize their experience. Check out a review on the Hemper Box, and look into signing up for other medical marijuana subscription boxes online. Whether you smoke with your partner to unwind or you both use marijuana for personal reasons, these types of gifts are nice gestures that can be enjoyed alone or together.

Herb Grinder – $12.99 and up

Grinders are one of the most essential marijuana accessories, and they come in a wide range of designs that can speak to any smoker’s personality. You might choose one that has an artistic cover or one made with a striking holographic titanium or aluminum finish. As one of the most versatile marijuana accessories out there, you can’t go wrong with this simple but thoughtful gift any smoker will have use for.

A Custom Stash Box – $41.95

Give the smoker in your life a dedicated space to craftily keep all their marijuana tucked away. This particular bamboo box features an all-seeing eye design by Daren of RealFunWow!. In addition to the box itself, this combo set includes a matching grinder, glass jar and rolling tray. It’s an all in one set that’s perfect for the smoker who always appreciates a nice way to store their stash.

CBD Bath bomb – $14

Each 8-ounce bath bomb from CBD Living contains 100 mg of CBD. The vegan-friendly bath bomb comes in four possible aromas: lavender, coconut lime, eucalyptus or amber bergamot. All of the bath bombs are extensively lab-tested and provide a variety of soothing effects including anti-inflammation and relaxation. This is a great gift choice for anyone who enjoys smoking but doesn’t want to get high to unwind. CBD is non-psychoactive, so it provides all the comfort without any of the mental side-effects.

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